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Any CDC's About please...?


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As you might (or might not..) have read in previous posts, I have been battling some sort of illness this week. Have been to quacks etc and go for blood tests on Wednesday.

I have a constant feeling of queasiness and have struggled to take all my packs and water this week, but have done.

Last night I was feeling so ill and drained, I took myself off to bed and promptly fell asleep - a good half a litre short of my water intake and TWO (2) packs short!

All I had was one pack yesterday morning.

Question. Do I continue with my 3 packs today? I dont have to have more to compensate for yesterday do I - cos to be honest I couldnt. Taking me all my time to sip through shakes (The thought of tetras and bars which I LOVE make me wanna heave at the moment)

TT x
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Technically, I suppose you really should have the packs you didn't consume yesterday, hun - but as you're not terribly well, I would concentrate on having 3 today.

I would say though that maybe you shouldn't be SSing whilst being ill. I know that there hasn't been a diagnosis made yet, as I've read your other posts, but maybe you should think about going onto 790 or CD1000 until you start to regain your strength.

Hope you get better soon.xxxxx

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
Hi TT - I'm sorry you're still feeling ill, and Isobel is of course right, generally. However, if you're due blood tests next Wednesday, you shouldn't be having less than 1200 calories a day, so that the tests will provide readable results. And it wouldn't be any good just telling the haematology people that you've been sole-sourcing.....they need to do their tests from a normal reference level of blood values.

Sorry....so get up through 790, 1000 and into 1200 by Monday.****
Please do let us know how things go, and I hope you begin to feel better very soon.

**** I think you should stay at 1200/day until you and your GP have discussed the results of the tests....I'm sure you won't be pleased to hear this, but you've had a fabulous weightloss so far, and I think it would be unwise to jeopardise your health until you know what's causing your symptoms...
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