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Hi Lady gaga,
I cannot believe it, I did a really good reply, but must have got timed out as it took me to a diff page saying I wasn't logged in. SO! I will not answer the phone to anyone who calls until I have told you have to do your ticker.

Double click on your ticker.
and then click on the Edit/Update Weight Data
Put your pin number in and it will take you to the update page.
You then fill in your new weight.
Once you have done that click next.
Your ticker is done.
I am not sure how you log out, what I do is click off that page, then go back to the ticker by double clicking on your ticker and then log out.

The new ticker only shows when you next post. Phew! Hopefully that works for you.

Anyway, as I was saying on my last post, Well done you!! I bet Karen won't believe it when she reads how well you have done. It's a real shame your friends are not being more supportive, but you keep going and Karen and I will help you.

Love Holly. X
Thanks Holly- managed to figure out the tracker but thanks for the tips as I did it some other strange way! I really appreciate all the support and advice on here- it really is fab. I look forward to logging on and seeing how people are doing- it's so lovely and motivational! Have you got a busy week ahead? Are you on 2 TFR and one meal at the mo or total TFR? I'm doing a mix- some days fully and times when I need a nibble I have protein and some green veg or salad so no carbs! Seems to be working so I won't change for now and I believe it stops me giving up or craving more as have not had anything I shouldn't for 5 weeks now! Woo hoo!

Lots of love xx
Well done you two for your progress. Not doing a tracker at the moment Lady Gaga cos hoping to maintain (well that's the plan anyway), am only going up and down the same few pounds every so often, so think my tracker might look more like a bouncy spring if I do one?!

Anyway, think I'll leave well alone, sounds bit too complicated for me! But will enjoy looking at your 2 trackers. xx

And indeed anyone else who fancies joining us on the Howards Way thread, be nice to have a couple more to talk to...
Hello there ladies,
Your post did make me laugh Karen when you wrote:- 'my tracker might look more like a bouncy spring if I do one?!' I did chuckle, as I imagined a spring bouncing along.

Lady Gaga, without nagging you. How are you allowed to eat anything? My Locum would take me off the programme and put me in maintenance. Howard's Way just won't allow you to eat anything other than what they supply you. They are very strict on that. As much as I don't want them to be, it does make me lose my weight quickly and get back on with my life. Are you allowed to do different things with the diet you are doing?
Love Holly.X
Hello ladies,

Loving the spring thought as well Karen! Oh I do wish i was in that position- my tracker goal looks like a flight to Australia it's that far off!

My diet Holly is called Exante (loads on the forum on here or they do have a good website). You basically buy all the meal replacements online and it's cheap as you don't get the counsellor input but they taste so much nicer than HW in my opinion and the bars are scrummy!

They advise you to add a meal every night on week 5 of your plan to boost metabolism then back on just meal replaceemnts but many of the people on here either chose not to or have the add a meal option when they wish. There are 2 plans- total solution and working solution. The total is just with AAM on week 5 and the working one is a bit like HW maintenance so I'm doing a bit of both but mostly total solution as have only had 8 meals in ealmost 6 weeks. Still having great results and it makes me feel so much better and best of all don't have the fear of real food or feel I can't enjoy myself. Haven't kicked myself out of ketosis once and I'm happy which is the best thing so it works for me.

Obviously for anyone reading this on HW- this IS NOT what their plan recommends and as Holly says you would be taken off the plan if you did eat so please do not follow my lead!!

As I'm following another plan if you would rather I left this thread then do let me know ( I won't be offended). I just came on as have done it before and still using up a few remaining TFR packets.

Hope you both have a lovely weekend xxx
Hello there,

Lady Gaga, please don't think I want you to go to another site. I really didn't mean to sound like you shouldn't be talking to us, i was just surprised you could eat. But hey, if it works for you, carry on and please keep posting with us as I am sure Karen is the same, it is great getting on here and getting all this support.
I am just going to change my ticker so be back in a mo.

Love Holly.XX
Hello again,
Hopefully my ticker has been updated because yes you guessed it.........I lost 3 pounds this week. I do get busy at work and forget sometimes to drink my water. I have averaged just under the 4 litres, which my Locum says is ok, but could be slightly better. But like her, I know I am able to drink more. I am more than capable of drinking 4-5 litres a day, whereas my friend could only ever do 3 litres! She said she was monitored by her Locum who told her to not drink anymore than that, as her body couldn't cope with anymore because she was such a poor water drinker before she came on the diet.

Keep up the good work both of you and let us know how you are getting on.

Love Holly.X
Huge congratulations on your loss this week Holly- that's incredible news. Hope you are feeling very chuffed indeed with yourself. The tickers are a real motivation boost too! No offence taken by your previous post- I was just worried about giving other people doing HW the wrong idea as I am following a completely different plan.

Well done on the water front too. When I did do HW it took me a good couple of months to get into drinking 4 litres and I'm finding the same now so averaging about 3 litres when I really try- possibly more with hot drinks too.

Take care xx
Hello there,
I was so pleased to see your reply. Thank you for all your encouragement, it really does help!
I am putting my bottles on the side like my Locum advised me to do and take to work what I should be drinking, bring them home (empty because I have drunk them) and put with the others and then before I go to bed, I make sure they are all empty. It sounds crazy, but she is right, you feel a sense of achievement if all the bottles are empty. I need to make sure I keep it up everyday.
Lady Gaga, when do you weigh in again....I only ask, because I don't want you to think it is all about me. I can support you too.
Karen where are you? I do hope you are alright. If you are away, no worries, but if you need help, do let us know. We have quite a nice thread here.

Must fly, but good luck everybody.
Love Holly.XXX
Hi guys whats the HW Diet?

well done to you all for the weight lost :)

Im just doing my own diet.. just healthy eating etc but really wanna loose weight so any tips would be greatly appreciated

many thanks
Now I'm the one pee'd off......just wrote a long reply and have bleedin lost it!!!!!!aaaagggghhhhh! Stupid computer (sorry- rant over!)

I WI on Mondays and lost 2lbs this week which takes my total up to 2 stone in 6 weeks so very happy with that. I remember last time I did this that I used to have a good loss then the following week wasn't as big but it all evened out in the end so am not worried. Still have had no cheats so very proud of myself and am still very focussed and determined. Every moment when I think oh I fancy a nibble I log onto the website for where I've booked the holiday for and they are all bikinis so I know I cannot be the chubster ruining not oinly mine but aanyone elses photos so that really helps! (plus i don't give in to my inner munchie monster thoughts!)

Got a very noisy tummy at the mo too- either of you get that? Very rumbly despite still being in ketosis and not hungry!

Great idea with the water motivation too- I do something similar and it does really help.

Hi Gem- Howards Way is a very low calorie diet which you have to buy drect from them either in person with direct support or by post. You are medically monitored by your GP too so very safe and can expect to lose around a stone a month. Google Howards Way Diet to find out more. (Similar to Lighter Life but sure they won't like me saying that as there are differences but it's that kind of things, i.e. NO eating at all and just 3 meal replacements per day plus lots of water)

Hope all's well with everyone xx
Hi All,

Well done Lady gaga, you must be so pleased with yourself. Don't you find getting on the scales is so exciting, waiting to find out how you have done.

You have all done so well, so keep up the good work.

Hi Gem,
I started the Howard's way diet just under 2 week's ago and have lost an amazing 15 pounds! I cannot believe it!
When my friend said she was doing a VLCD I thought what is that, so she explained to me what she was doing and said have a look at the website. So I did and thought 'oh yes that looks good', but didn't do anything more. But! when I saw her I was amazed, she looked fantastic.......and here I am took me a while, but no problem, better late than ever. I know everyone else must think I am on happy pills, but I have never dieted without cheating, feeling so good and lost so much weight. I have even done my little thread called 'by post', only because unlike my friend who went to meetings, I am doing it by post.

Well done everyone and I look forward to seeing how you are all doing.

Love Abbie.
Hi Abbie, Karen and Hollie,

How are you all doing? Hope all is still going well. Feels like we've had a quieter week on here this week. Sorry i haven't been on much- had a manic week at work. Now the weekend and I just have to get through my night shift tonight then can look forward to a lazy sunday! Been a good week 'diet wise' for me and have stuck to plan 100%- just hoping it pays off for me at WI on Monday. Came on yesterday tho so am suffering quite a bit with that at the mo and hoping that doesn't affect the scales too much as do feel more bloated despite nothing being in my tummy to make me warrant it!

Positives tho are that clothes are starting to feel really loose now- even tops which I didn't expect so soon. May have to have a trip into the loft to start getting some smallers sizes out to a have a bit of a fashion show!

Hope you guys are all doing ok- big hugs xx
Hi Ladies,

I know what you mean Lady gaga about the quiet week. I have been so busy at work, before I know it another day has gone. I will try and post more frequently, but sometimes I just want to sit down and chill out.
Still if the time is going quickly because we are busy, it means the weight will fly off even quicker! I haven't even thought about food, which is brilliant. What with the lovely weather today....all is looking good for the summer.

Must rush off now,

Love Holly.X
Hi Holly,
I don't mean to be picky, but something is wrong? You have either done your ticker wrong or you have added your total weight loss up wrong, because your ticker says 13lb loss and your post says 10lbs. If your anything like me, you haven't got to grips with the ticker? I fill it in and then sit there worrying about it, asking myself if I have done it right or not. Anyway, whatever your weightloss you must be due another weigh in with Lady gaga.

Let me know how its going.

Love Abbie.X
Hi All,

Abbie, I am glad you are on the ball. You are right, I have lost 13lbs and wrote down wrong on my post. Useless comes to mind!

Where are you Lady gaga, Karen is back as she had problems with her computer. But Lady gaga has gone missing.

Let me know how it is all going.

Love Holly.X
Hey gals....

I haven't gone anywhere! You don't get rid of me that easy! I posted a new thread as was getting confused as to which one to post on. I'm still going strong and 100%. Lost an epic 6 lbs last week so was ratehr chuffed indeed with that one! Still a long way to go but at least now it is in double figures (lbs) and not in the hundreds!

How are you all getting on? Sounds like everyone is doing such a fab job thus far.

Big hugs all round xxx
Hi Lady Gaga, how's it going with you? Sorry, got caught up with school end of term things and not had a minute to post, didn't even get time to go for my weigh in this week but know my lovely Howards Way Locum will understand when I go next week, she never minds as long as I let her know not able to go. Been doing fine, though, doing a big push at being good up to Easter, then going to relax a bit.

You've done so well, keep going, I'm sure you must be feeling positive with how well you are doing.

Holly and Abbie, where are you both and how are you doing, be good to hear how you are both getting on. Now we've got this Howards Way thread up and running, don't want to let it lapse!

Anyway, be in touch soon.

Love Karen. xx:p
Hi Ladies,

So glad to that you are continuing to stay strong Karen- you are amazing. I know the hard work truly starts when the TFR stops so to keep going is just brilliant.

I'm still sticking to it 100%. Only lost a pound this week but after losing 6 the week before I thought that may be the case! Just got 4 pound to go to 3 stone loss so keeping on track hopefully. Now have tonsillitis so feeling really lousy and sorry for myself as I just want tea and biscuits and naff telly when instead I have tonnes of uni work to get done by Monday! No rest for the wicked hey!

Hope everyone else is OK too and you are enjoying the sunshine without the Pimms!!!

Big hugs xx
Hi Lady Gaga, sorry you are feeling poorly, have had tonsilitis myself a few times so can sympathise! Shame when the weather is so lovely too but hang on in there, I never fancied eating when I was ill with it as just too painful.:sigh:

Yes a Pimms ( or a chilled glass of wine)in the garden would have been lovely last night but stayed strong, I hung on in there and have the reward of waking up with a nice clear head this morning! Kids off school now too so will make sure I go along for my weigh in at Howards Way this week, the thought of that helped to keep me going, too!

I'm sure you're right, sometimes when you have a big weight loss one week it does seem to catch up with itself the next week. Well done, nearly 3 stones now is amazing!

Take care of yourself, speak again soon.
Karen. xx:)