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Thanks Karen. Feeling even more lousy today as all I seem to do is sleep at the mo- day and night! Just waiting for an emergency dr appt this afternoon so I can get drugged up and then hopefully be able to crack on with the uni work that has to be in on Monday!!! Stupid me for leaving it so late really!

Well done on resisting the Pimms in this weather- no doubt you will reap the benfits this week. I have been good this week in trying not to weigh myself every day so hopefully will get a surprise on Monday. Bit hesistant about a loss to as for the last few days I have only got about a litre of water down my neck as it's so hard to swallow! had my TFR's tho and no cheats so fingers crossed. Had been so good on the water front before this so will just have to pick it up again when feeling better. Perhaps once all this blubber has gone I'll be brave enough to get my tonsils out as have been threatened with it for years!!!

Happy holidays with the kids- have you got anything nice planned? Be nice if the weather stays like this for you all.

Big hugs and thanks for the support xxxx
Hi again Lady Gaga, hope you managed to get your doctors appointment, so you can start on the road to recovery. Shame about the uni work, too, when you feel so bad. Well done though for at least still having your TFR's and I'm sure you'll get the water back up to the right amount once your poor throat feels better.

Just got a few days away visiting family next weekend but otherwise at home and doing jobs in the garden (weather permitting, it's lovely at the moment but bound to change with a Bank Holiday in sight!)

Take care of yourself and hopefully will hear from Abbie or Holly soon, they were both doing so well with Howard's Way so hope they are still keeping going and doing well with their diets.

Speak again soon, Karen. xx:)
Hi Karen (and Hollie and Abbie....where are you??)
Thanks for your reply. Managed to get to the docs so now on antibiotics and strong painkillers which are only now starting to kick in to be honest! First uni assessment is done and dusted so only 2 more to go and 3 weeks to do it in!!!

Sounds like you have nice things planned for the school holidays and how nice is the weather for you too??? Hope you do have a nice break with some time for yourself.

I've weighed in today and only lost 2 lbs this week so that's only 3 lbs in 2 weeks which sounds so rubbish! I know any loss is great but seems a bit slow right now. Not giving up tho and haven't cheated so maybe the antibiotics and lack of water over the past few days will have made a difference???

Hope everyone is doing OK and girls you are doing OK too xx
Hi Lady G, glad you got to the doctors and got some stuff to help you feel better soon, hopefully. And glad you can take it a bit easier now on the uni stuff, too!

Sorry about the weight loss not being so good but expect the lack of water and not being well haven't helped, I know when I've been in groups in the past it's been those who've been good with their water while they've been dieting who've done well on Howard's Way. I've never found water drinking a problem so always done okay with that but can sympathise when you have a sore throat, you need to brave yourself up to just take a drink! Anyway, hopefully will get easier now you have antibiotics and painkillers.

Hope the others get in touch soon, so we can hear how they're doing.

Will let you know how I get on this week, weather still nice, clouded over a bit today but supposed to get colder unfortunately, just as I get ready to go away!:cry:

Anyway, be in touch again soon, and take care, love Karen. xx
Hello there everyone,
I know I am repeating myself, but so sorry I haven't posted, just been so busy at work and at home.....what with trying to get my outfit for the wedding and everything..........I know only joking! But I will be watching it on the television.

Lady gaga, I do really sympathise with you. I used to suffer terribly with my tonsils. I eventually gave in and got them taken out. That was quite a few years ago and I have never looked back. The best thing I ever did. I don't know about you, but my temperature used to be so high and made me feel so rough. I do feel for you with having to do all your uni work and everything, whilst you are trying to get better, but hopefully now you have the tablets you will start to feel better.
Don't worry about the weight loss, they are only numbers (do I sound convincing?), no really, once you feel better and can start getting back to normal the weight will come off again. So keep going, summer is just round the corner.

Well done Karen on your weight loss, you really are an inspiration to us. I hope to try and do well, so watch this space.

Abbie!! where are you?? I hope you are doing well and just forgetting to post. If you haven't, post anyway, we can help you.

take care all
Love Holly.X
Which post do I write on???? Should we start a new one again as getting rather confused now!

Hello again Holly (sorry I keep spelling it ie at the end!!) Glad to hear you are back and well and HUGE congratulations to you on your amazing weight loss. Can't believe you didn't tell us. Absolutely fantastic news. You must be sooooooo thrilled. Well done on doing the re-feeding too and for sticking at it. You girls are certainly an inspiration. I feel like such a bloater amongst you!!

Hope you are both having a lovely day xxxxx
So sorry Lady gaga,
I have only had chance to read this today.
I have been rushing around, doing nothing exciting I must say, but the time just flies by so quickly.
I agree I never know which thread to go on, so I try going on them all just incase.

Enjoy the wedding and take care

love Holly.XX
Hi Everyone,
I am so so sorry for going missing for so long, but my computer broke and with everything else going on, I just didn't have the time to go out and buy another one. The one I had was so old! they wanted to put it in a museum I am sure. No all jokes aside, I have been lucky it has lasted so long. So hopefully this one will do well, I bought it off of a friend who loves all the lates gadgets, so fingers crossed it works for a long time.

Well done to all of you!!
You have all done so well. I have been reading all your posts, but just couldn't reply to them, as I am not sure if my work would be able to see if I replied on their computers or not. So rather than get in trouble, I thought just read and will write as soon as I can.
Thank you all so much for keep asking where I was, I felt so humble when I read it and wanted to shout I am hearrrr!!!!
Anyway, Keep up the good work all of you, you are doing fantastic.

I am so pleased with myself and without boasting.....when I last got weighed.....which was when I completed 8 weeks, I have lost a massive 43 pounds..........yes that's right 43 pounds! I am so pleased, I never honestly thought I could do it, let alone lose so much in such a little amount of time. I cannot believe I haven't cheated. Not one bit of anything that they say I cannot have has passed my lips. My Locum is brilliant! We have a laugh, we go through the study sessions, she answers all my questions and she honestly gets as excited as me, when I tell her what I have lost. She is my hero!
Oh my goodness, do I hear you say 'enough is enough', I know I have gone on, but I have been away for quite a while.
Well I will sign off now, keep well and keep the post coming.

Lots of love
Hello again ladies,

I am writing on this one too, just incase you go to this one first.

Abbie and Lady gaga, where are you? I really hope all is well and look forward to you replying.

love Holly.XXX
Hi Holly,
Thank you so much for missing me.
I did go on the other link, but you may not have seen it.
I was called away on business and have only just got back. Good job they post me my food well in advance, it meant I could take it with me, without worrying. I was really proud of myself. Everyone was saying, how can you not eat? you must feel ill? It can't be good for you? you must get tired......etc etc. By the time we came home, they were all telling me how good I looked, how fit I was, but best of all how they admired my willpower!! That is something I never thought anyone would say to me! Let me say that again...They admired my willpower.........Mmmm....still cannot believe they were talking to me. I am usually the worst dieter in the world, but here I am still doing it. Still feeling wonderful and loving all the compliments.

Anyway, won't bore you anymore.

Take care all,

Love AbbieXX
Hi Karen, Abbie, Holly and any newbies,

Hope everyone is well. I hadn't gone missing just been mega busy sadly. Thought I had only posted last week- it get's so confusing with all these threads- I never know which one to post on! Perhaps we should start one that says updates and keep on that or something?

I'm doing OK- had slow weight loss of late and after losing 11lbs in 2 weeks, I have now only lost 2 lbs over 2 weeks. I seem to remembver I did this last time round and had big losses and then really small ones or stayed the same which seems to be happening yet again. It's coming off so that's the main thing and am now only 1lb away from 4 stone loss so that's good. Still haven't cheated so know I will get there....eventually! Although the thought of wearing a bikini at the end of November and not being pointed and laughed at still fills me with total fear and dread!!!!

Had my birthday last week and all me essays were due in so was pretty stressful but I smashed on through without cheats so that was good and a mighty achievement for me. Still had zero comments from my hubbie about my losses despite everything hanging off me....he is so useless!

Thanks for thinking of me and well done to you all for staying on plan. Will now try and catch up with the other posts xx
Just to say, well done to both Abbie and Lady G, don't worry Lady G, you will feel so much better by November I'm sure!

Abbie, well done for getting through the business trip, a great achievement and you are doing brilliantly. :)

Lots of love, Karen. xx
Hello there,

Just wanted to say really sorry I haven't been about. Just busy with work and too tired to post by the time I get home.
doing really well and staying on track.

Speak soon

Love Abbie.X