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Any festival goers out there??

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well.

I was just wondering if there are anyone's going to a festival this year, and what their plans are for the diet?

I'm heading off to Glastonbury on the 20th returning on the 25th. One of my reasons for starting this diet was to lose a stone before Glasto (I'm almost there and thought I'd look lots smaller than I do - wishful thinking lol). I plan on keeping this diet up as long as possible particularly for my 21st birthday at the end of July. And a few other incentives for the end of the summer. Now I'm really into the diet although I still crave food, I just don't want to give it up.

I really want to enjoy myself to the max at Glasto including eating and drinking but I don't want to un-do the hard work put into CD.

So really I'm intreged on knowing everyone elses hopes/plans for their festivals this year, or maybe experience from past years :)

:thankyou: x
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This is my first year of being on CD and trying to manage a festie too!!!

I am off to T in the Park at the beginning of July. I tend to stay away from the alcohol at festies because it just makes me need to wee all the time and I end up missing half the music :cry:. I usually drink at least 3 litres of water a day at festie's and do not have to frequent the coveniences too often so hopefully my CD water intake will not be a problem :p

I am planning to SS the whole time I am there - my plan is to have a packet shake in the morning first thing and then have a bar and a tetra in my bag to have throughout the day. I have bought a maximuscle shaker from boots to mix my morning shake in.

I must confess I am generally not a big fan of festie food (price or taste!) and often struggle to find something I want to eat thats not chips so the though of my fave bar and yummy shake is actually quite pleasant.

I hope you have a fabulous time at Glasto and that you find a way to enjoy yourself without undoing all your hard work;)
:wavey: wow Ruth you're completely commited thats great and inspirational. I hope you have a great time! You're dead right though... the price as well as THE food they have there, its all going to be terrible things for you.

My best friend who I am going to Glastonbury with started CD yesterday so we'll be in it together, only meeting up with a few of my friends during the course there who will be drinking/eating. So I'm thinking maybe a few days on CD and treat myself occasionally. Food intake to be minimal as possible!

Without sounding like I'm self -pittying, it is a shame because I just want to go and be completely care-free like the majority of people there.

Good luck though, I really hope I follow in your footsteps! :)
I'm going to V and won't be SSing. Can't get drunk cos I'm taking my eldest daughter with me (ho hum) but tbh, I don't want to SS as I just can't face having to queue up at festival loos every half an hour!!!



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I'm going to the IoW Festival next weekend (8th-10th)!! It's my first festival and i can't wait - though the only thing that would make it entuirely perfect would be if The Killers were playing. Ah well I'll have to make do with the Rolling Stones! ;)

I'm not sure about SSing or not yet. I am going to see how the next week goes. The thing is I'm not sure I'll be very keen on festival food either (especially after SSing I just feel like healthy stuff!) and I won't be drinking.

Woo hooo just a week to go! :party0049::party0049::party0049::party0049::party0049::party0049:


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I'm going to V and won't be SSing. Can't get drunk cos I'm taking my eldest daughter with me (ho hum) but tbh, I don't want to SS as I just can't face having to queue up at festival loos every half an hour!!!

I'll be at V too!!!
Woo, yeah I guess its a matter of seeing how it is when we all get to these festivals eh. I think I've accepted I'm going to stay in for my 21st, me and my best mate didn't go out for her 21st last weekend... so we'll prob end up celebrating in August/September when we can actually shop for new clothes without getting depressed :)


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Im going to Download next week :D:D
Im not gona stick to CD 100% when im there, so its all about drink, other stuff lol, music and sun :D

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Download in 4 days.....Marilyn Mason, Evanescence, Iron Maiden Can't wait. Over 70lbs lighter than i was last year.

Like Marcus i doubt if i will stick with it 100% but i will be taking bars & Tetra's. Just wanna have FUN, FUN & MORE FUN!....xxx


Powdered Toast Man


LOL - you two have a brilliant time!!!

I've started to get excited about V now - I'd go to Download but I only get so much time off for good behaviour lol!

thinking of going to Towersey Festival this year...still undecided, lol.

To address one of your comments though arctic - odds are you will undo a lot of, if not all your hard work if you eat and drink the whole time, sorry, but you will, however, the upside is, you will have a belting time and, if you are lucky, you can get back on the diet and lose it all over again :D Have a fab time whatever you decide!
Hello all thanks for your comments! Hope everyone has a great time at their festivals. Can't believe its almost that time already. Got the majority of "little bits" now everythings really prepared except for my plans of the diet.

I'm not going to be drinking, lots of sun goes to my head anyway without booze. I might have one or two. But food wise I am so undecided as to what to do. I want to have fun and enjoy myself but I don't want to put on anymore than 2lbs lol :( I'm really scared. I think I need to have the break off the diet for Glasto, but only food wise and maybe just dinner and have a tetra/bar for breakfast/lunch (bit hard to make shakes there)

Ohhhh :(

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