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Any GI Diet books and recipe books to lose weight to????

Or which GI/GL book do you swear by? I'm looking at a couple of GI diet books to help me out a bit more. I just don't know which ones to get.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
There are so many out there. What one person likes, another will not like at all. The more you read, you can confuse yourself.
Have a browse on Amazon and read reviews for some before choosing.
Ones I have read include:
Patrick Holford GL -Diet Bible which is an indepth read. This is the one I liked best but it is very indepth. I have never bothered to count gls as he says to do. I just took the basic principles on board.
Nigel Denby -GL diet made Easy which is good and similar to Rick Gallop. A traffic light system approach.
Anthony Worral Thompson -GL Diet made Simple which has lovely recipes but not too much indepth info.
GL Diet Counter by Dr Winnie Chan is invaluable for checking both cals and whether or not something is low or high GL. This is my " go to" book for quick checking.
Patrick Holford - Low GL Diet Cookbook gives enough info on GL plus lovely recipes.
Dr Rob Thompson -Glycemic load diet book. He's a cardiologist and has a lot of common sense info. He says just adapt current recipes as following GL should nit be complicated.
I know a lot of people love Rick Gallop's books too but I have not read them.

That's my opinion on what I have read. I'd also say google Gi or GL. There is lots of info online.
If you are looking at getting a Rick Gallop book then Living the GI diet is the only Rick Gallop book you need. I like the book as he is easy to read and it all makes sense, but I do think there are a few things that I don't agree with - he loves his sugar substitute and I'm a great believer in not eating anything artificial. Also, some of the food and stories and examples are definitely American/Canadian based, which jarred with me a little. Those were the only quibbles I had really.
Hi thank you ladies for the wonderful tips on the books! I was spending a good chunk of the afternoon looking at the book reviews on Amazon on GI and GL books, it just got so confusing.

I have to admit I wasn't too thrilled of Rick Gallop's Greenlighting artifical sweetners, it made me a bit worried. But there are many who believe it's ok to use lowfat, nonfat, and artificial sweetners. Doesn't mean they're wrong, just it's not for me. I wanna keep things more natural.
Hey Molly, just out of curiousity is the Dr. Wynnie Chan book, GI & GL diet counter??? I've googled it and I can't find just a GL one, but have found a GI only one.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Yep that's the one. It doesn't give numbers for Gi or GL. It just rates them low, medium and high. As it also gives the other nutritional nos I think it's a useful guide. Its on my coffeetable all the time.

I don't try to figure if a food has a Gi of 55 and a GL of 7 etc and add them all up to a daily ration!! Too much effort. I just worked out the cals I needed on myfitnesspal and choose mostly low GL foods.
I decided to skip the GI books since GL sounds more resonable and allows more variety of food. Molly I think you just converted me :p

I looked at a bunch of books on amazon this afternoon. I think I finally made a decision to go with Patrick Holford's Low GL Diet Bible. I want to know all the nitty gritty of GL, and Patrick Holford's Low GL Diet Cookbook.

One of the books I looked at in the look part had oz and I well I live in Sweden and we use grams here. So I'm too lazy to bother with the conversion:faint2::sigh2:. The kitchen scales are in grams here, and it's been ages since I've used ounces. They're converting me into a metric user.:copon:

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Holford's two books were the first ones I got too. The diet bible will give you lots of detail. Beware of the emphasis on his range of various vitamins. They are expensive, I used them for a month and then stopped.
Happy reading.
Cool, looks like I'm making a great choice then. But of course it was your suggestion in the first place :) The more I read about GL the more Im liking it over just GI alone. It makes sense to take portion into consideration of the diet. As we wouldn't eat a 1.5 lbs or carrots in one setting.

I don't think I'll need that much vitamin supplements since we're eating so healthly. I could understand when I was doing LCHF I needed to take my daily vitamins as it lacked alot of foods.

Time to order my books. Too bad I won't get to start reading them until next week. The postal service here is SLOW.
Ok books are ordered. It says it will take 5-7 days. So hopefully by mid to late next week I will have my books :) Can't wait to get really into GI/GL!

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