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Any guys out there???????

Hi all Ive been prescribed xenical by my GP I was 25.10st when i started now after 3 weeksI'm 24.9st oh by the way I'm also doing slimmingworld world . Back to the point it seems to be all ladies on here would love to hear from any guys who are on xenical or who have used it and what results you've had . thanks
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gunna be a fatty for ever

Welcome to minis! Im not a guy but there are a few hiding around her somewhere! They are v shy tho! :)

Well done on your weight loss so far! Thats over a stone in 3 weeks! Im also on slimming world too! Although ive not been too good lately!

Keep it up and post lots! Looking forwards to hearing about your journey!

Love katie
I'm not a guy either (sorry) but there are some lurking around here, you might even flush them out. Well done so far with your weight loss and good luck!

KB x


Go on smile! =)
Welcome :D Im a boy, not yet a man! :) beware of these woman one smell of irish male scent and its crazy on here!


gunna be a fatty for ever
Welcome :D Im a boy, not yet a man! :) beware of these woman one smell of irish male scent and its crazy on here!
Wondered how long it would be till the riff raff piped up! hahaha
Welcome & Good Luck x
Another woman here I'm afraid :D but welcome and good luck on your weight loss journey :D
Yet another woman here....but just wanted to say hello and welcome :)
Like the others have said, there are one or two men around here, including Red, but the majority of us are female.
Have a look at Shinytooth's posts/diary, he's a man who takes Xenical and has been doing slimming world for month or so with great results. I think he's planning on stopping it soon though, but not because it hasn't worked, just because he felt motivated enough without the structure of that eating plan.

Good luck with your goals :)

im a bloke aged 34 started orlistat know as xenical from my gp, i have lost 1 stone in 4 weeks

what id like to know as i think it is connected i wear contact lenses but roughly the same time i started these i have started with inflammed eye lids and at the moment unable to wear my contact lenses.

Can these tablets effect the eyelids?

I have had the other side effects like stomach aches and oily stools and wind.

But just seems strange that my eye lids have been sore around the same time

i have never suffered with eyelid problems before and wore lenses for 10 years
Hi Tazman, I've just checked the leaflet that comes with the tabs, and eye problems are not listed as side effects.
The only thing I would say is get your eyes checked, wearing lenses for 10 years with no probs doesn't mean that they can't be causing a prob now. So please get your eyes checked ASAP xx


Need To Downsize!
Hi there irish
yes ive noticed not many men on here but thats not an issue at least you can get some support and tips wether from male or female.
I must admit...I thought we might've scared you off as well :D
Good luck for this Tuesday, let us know how you get on! And keep posting, it really does help to keep you focussed!
Hey there !!

Another Irish lad here :) .. though based in UK now. Just turned 28, and am doing Slimming World also, 2 weeks into it - and also on Xenical. Almost out of them, so going to Dr's this week - have changed GP so hopefully I'll get prescription ok.

Slimming World is fantastic - really loving it.
Xenical .. works .. and you know it does when you eat fatty food !!!!!

Best of luck with it mate, and feel free to message me if ya need some " Luck o the Irish Moral Support " :p

(yes... my real name .. English people NEVER believe me lol)
Thanks Paddy im in Donegal. Will let you all know how i get on tomorrow as its weigh in day . I think the xenical are working as well as Ive had a few of the dreaded side-effects !!!
Good luck with your weigh in IrishLad :)

Welcome & Good Luck Paddy :)


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