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Hi everyone,

I have been doing the cambridge diet since 10th September 2012, and have stuck to SS for the whole time apart from two planned breaks, 2 weeks at Christmas when i went on holiday, and a four day weekend break at the start of February to celebrate my 30th b-day!

I started back on SS on 5th February and have been doing fine since.

I had a slight cold at the end of last week probably late Thursday, but thanks to the powers of CD after only a couple of sniffles, it had gone by Saturday!

This morning, while in the shower i collapsed and my vision went... now it wasn't all that hot a shower and i'd felt fine beforehand! Has anyone else had anything like this or have any idea what it might be???

I've been told by family, that's it, quit the diet, and eat sugarcubes!!! not sure that's the best advice, but would really love to hear from anyone if they've either had this, or have any ideas??!?!?

I still have a couple of stone to lose, and being a very impatient person, would prefer to do this as quick as possible, therefore with ss!!!

Thanks in advance!
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No need for sugar cubes, that almost certainly wasn't caused by low blood sugar. It was more likely to have been caused by low blood pressure. Ketosis has a rather dehydrating effect, meaning that there isn't as much fluid in our veins and arteries as there is when we're not in ketosis. That's another reason why it's important to sip water through the day on a VLCD.

So I'd say what you experienced was the result of something caused postural hypotension. At a guess, you bent down then stood up too quickly? It's actually surprisingly common on this diet and many of us find it comes and goes - I've had a day or two of it here and there, especially when I've been a bit run down or tired. Make sure you're still drinking plenty (and not too fast, cos that just goes straight through you and won't do the job). If you have been drinking plenty, it might be that you need a little bit of salt (yes I know, usually a no-no - but you may have flushed a bit too much away).

Obviously if you find it keeps happening it would be worth a trip to your GP but it's probably nothing too worry about. :)
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Thanks for your reply lily! You really are a fountain of knowledge!!!

I've certainly been drinking, and was really bored last night and could have easily had between 4 and 5 pints!!!

I was watching telly and just kept refilling my glass!!!

So probably a lack of salt!!! :0/

Today I have been more careful and I will make sure to not down loads this evening!!! Probably best to have an early night!!!

Thanks again xx