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Extra Easy Days any ideas for lollys


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Thanks ilovelife.

Wanted to make my own really as if they are in freezer o/h will eat them!! lol.

He wouldnt dream of eating my "pooey" diet ones lol


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Hi Camille

I brought some morrisons cheap pop no sugar got one called raspberry ripple or something and made jelly with it, suppose i could try making lollies with it too. got appleade aswell to may taste like the cider lolllies?!

thanks for idea

Carla xx


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Jelly doesnt freeze well to be precise it does freeze but you cant get it out of the moulds lol I only know cuz I tried doing some for the kids a while back and they didnt work :D:D
Choc milkshake ones are nice instead of milkshake mix and milk you could use fat free fromage frais and options. you would probably get a couple of lollies out of one options so making them 1 syn each.
You could experiment with fromage frais sweetener and flavourings and a drop of colouring to make them look nice that way they would be free so maybe an orange or vanilla lolly I fancy trying to make a coconut if I ever manage to get hold of any coconut flavouring!!


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oh thanks thats a good diea i will try that, wonder if you could get any low syn cocunut yoghurt i will do some investigating and get back to you



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Just been online cant seem to get coconut yogurt very easy, but noticed they do an options choc and coconut! will keep you informed on the coconut trail...


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you must tell me what its like i thought about putting a shot of malibu through vanilla and choc sprinkled muller and freezing?

you must tell me what its like i thought about putting a shot of malibu through vanilla and choc sprinkled muller and freezing?
I dont think alcohol freezes does it... not sure how solid the lollies would go..


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I dont know what it would be like some alcohol freezes i know lager does and b/f tried to cool lone down quickly and forgot and it went everywhere expanded then froze all over the freezer!!!

I thought maybe about 25ml mixed into a couple of yogs may be ok, in a lolly if doesnt set to well could put in bowl?

i may become the alcohol lolly lady !!! (tequila sunrise, pina colada etc "!!


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I just made up 2 lots of lolly moulds a few moments ago - uncanny!!!
I was lazy - I basically poured/spooned in Shape Zero Yogs and a Mullerlight Yog - you get 2 lollies to one Shape Zero pot and 3 lollies to a Mullerlight.
I did various flavours.... have done them this way before as like you my hubby will not touch 'homemade' ones - LOL (the kids do tho - but don't mind as much healthier for them!).

I have been craving Coconut flavoured things recently and keep eyeing up the Perle de Lait (sp?) yogs in Asda but they are quite highly synned :(

Enjoy your lollies - let us know what you decide and how you get on


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