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any ideas for low fat snacks ?

S: 20st1lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.2 Loss: 1st9lb(8.19%)
I find low-fat rice pudding is a good snack or dessert after a main. Maybe with some honey in it too. Mmmm.
S: 20st1lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.2 Loss: 1st9lb(8.19%)
Bagels are low fat I think too - not sure about the calories though? This is making me hungry. It's lunch time soon. I'm having a pita bread with a weight watchers single portion tin of tuna in tomato sauce. They're really nice. x


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snack a jacks... and te caramel ones are yummo (and extra low in fat)

ham slices.
chicken slices
cous cous...(just need to watch the cals on that one...) i usually ad some bacon (be good to yourself or healthy living), peas, carrots, etc.. very yummo or you could just get the ainsley ones.. they are also nice.. like the maroccan melody....
weight watchers do some nice puddings (some are not in the low fat cat)...

good luck!


cos i need this xxx
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i like air popped popcorn with some granulated splenda
low fat custard pots :) yum
weight watchers crisps are all good!
milkways are only 3.5 g
the list goes on but theres usually something!



finding my way again !
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thanks girls , i got some muller yogurts ( bit tastier than the asda own i had ) some ambrosia rice pots , snack a jacks & tescos healthy living version of crispy slices - funny how they are ok but the mc vities ones arn't .
i love cous cous , am having that for dinner tonight .
keep the ideas coming though :D
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Melba toast (individually wrapped in packs of 6) with Tesco extra light cheese spread, like Philly. Ice lollies, current favourite is Refreshers lollies.

I love putting a couple of extra light laughing cow cheese triangles in a bowl, melting them in microwave for a couple of seconds and then dipping cucumber sticks in, is very yummy! and not many calories either.

I also have tesco light choice potato thins. Ryvita minis. Weight watchers desserts. Muller rice. and sugar free jelly.
Oh and apparently ben & jerry's frozen yogurt is within the 5% fat rule :D Not tried it yet though.


finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
great , some fantastic ideas ,but as yummy as some of them sound , i don't like cheese , so i'll pass on trying them lol
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Milky Ways are 3.5g of fat for the bar, but they're not within the 5% fat rule as the bar is not 100g in weight, Milky Ways are actually 16% fat.
The thing with the tablets though is that it's all trial and error, and what might give someone a side effect, it might have no effect whatsoever in someone else. Things like walkers baked crisps are great, but they're actually over the 5% rule too ( they're between 7 and 8 % fat), so again some people might get a side effect, some one else might not.
S: 20st1lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.2 Loss: 1st9lb(8.19%)
I'm struggling to find any crisps that are in the 5% rule... even most snack a jacks aren't!! Do you guys know of any? xx


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Pandora do you live near an Aldi's? They, and Lidl's, are brill for good healthy foods and a lot of their own so called normal foods are a lot lower in fats and calories that the general supermarkets. I have just had a whole tin of a lovely tasty Ravioli for Lunch/Tea, their brand Corale, 400gr. = 344 kcal; Fat 4.0 g. it was tasty and filling.

Lidl's do an lovely huge tin of "Coquette" Chicken soup, it is a proper chicken broth with pasta and vegetables and the whole 800 gram size tin only has 392 kcal with 12.0 g fat BUT it is easy to skim off the fat before emptying it out of the tin. I normally have about 2/3rds of one as a proper dinner with some crackers, my doggie Muffin has the rest for her dinner as she loves it :doggy:

They also do such a varied range of Cereal snack bars at great calorie n fat count and their low fat Cornflakes are brill.


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i think i have been depriving myself of some yummy snacks here,thank you for starting and adding to xx


finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
I'm struggling to find any crisps that are in the 5% rule... even most snack a jacks aren't!! Do you guys know of any? xx
i have the caramel ones , they are ok & i just found that pretzels are ok too
apparently the weight watchers ones are ok, but i havn't looked at them myself , my mum seemed to think my sister used to have tesco low fat crisps , but that was doing rosmary conley , which it less than 3 % sat fat , a bit different
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FAT GIRL SLIM by Ruth Watson has great recipes and a whole chapter on snacks/treats for when the going gets tough.She recommends-
cherry tomatoes
dried fruit
seeds(sunflower,pumpkin etc)
liquorice - the hard stuff not the soft squidgy ones
rice/corn cakes
Philadelphia Light Snacks with bread sticks
milk lollies
sherbit fountains
crystallised ginger
Green&Blacks mini chocolate bars
flying saucers
You probably won't like all of these but I found her list helpful and most of these treats are full of flavour so you are satisfied with small amounts.She lost over 4 stones in a year while eating lovely food so she knows what she's talking about!
Thanks for starting this thread.I think it is hard to stick to any diet long term if you don't allow for the occasional small treat.

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