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Any ideas with a Shake or Tetra for tonight after a huge slip-up??

Hi all,

I'm struggling with this diet like mad now. Lacking in water, overdosing in Pepsi Max. I once again messed up last night and ate, had chicken but then had pitta to make it that bit worse. Feeling really guilty today I am also craving food more than anything, after giving in both on Friday AND Saturday I'm really disappointed with myself and finding it more difficult than ever. I want to go back to my first 5-6 weeks and not go to Glastonbury and never have to go out again until after the diet, because these little events are making me fail now :(. Have a week away next week then my birthday at the end of the month and the least I can say is that I'm very scared. I wanted to be 10st by September 8th, I'm currently 12st 3lbs but with a week off and my birthday ahead I fear the worst. Especially as I've had 3 kebabs this weekend :cry:

Anyhow less of les miserables.

I had a shake this morning, and a bar for lunchtime. I now have the option between another shake in flavour Vanilla or Butterscotch, or a Choc Tetra. Any ideas on what I can do with them to make it a little more enjoyable to try and save myself, from myself, this evening? Any tips/ideas much appreciated.

Hope you are all doing MUCH better than I am lol, I can't wait to be back into this diet when I'm home from my unwanted week away :) xxx
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P.s. Fancy a frozen tetra but left the freezer open last night, now everythings defrosted. Oops! x


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You could make the shake into a muffin, there are some recipe ideas stickied at the top of this page.
Thanks Sallies, I might give it ago. Although scared I'll ruin it all :) Cheers! XX


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AM your post is really funny. its starts off saying you had just some chicken and pitta -nothing too bad, then half way down you say you've eaten 3 kebabs! You must have been craving really badly.

Perhaps you need to accept that it really isn't very bad to have one upset meal if you keep the carbs really low/ low GI. Otherwise you go all out, feeling guilty and making it 10x worse.

Start from afresh, do the best you can, and if you do slip, make sure its of the good variety and get over it and back on the straight again.

This evening I was really struggling not to eat, but I had a coke zero, got myself back inside at home and distracted myself with some tv.

Have a delicious choc milshake, in the smoothie maker with 400mls water and loads of ice cubes. ummm deliicous.
P.s. Fancy a frozen tetra but left the freezer open last night, now everythings defrosted. Oops! x
Hahahaha love it mate - i know this isn't the point of the post but made my laugh. Hope you don't get killed for runining everything lol....

Keep going, you can do it mate. You have the power(will power) i mean. I know its hard try to put that behind you as much as you can and not feel as guilty (impossible i know).

Keep you chin up, we can do this :) xx


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Hey AM,

This post is too late for last night - but I figure you might read it before tonight.

Evenings are always the worst time of the day for me in temptation terms as, historically, this has always been the time I have snacked the most :whoopass:.

I have found what helps me is to leave my last shake of the day until mid evening and then have it as a hot drink made up with 450ml of water - I usually have a chocolate of choc-mint flavour - it leaves me feeling like I have treated myself with a hot chocolate and after drinking nearly half a litre of fluid it also makes you feel really full!

Good luck with getting back into it xx

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