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Green Days Any ideas?

Hi, im new and have been doing EE this week and want to do a whole week of green next week.
Does anyone have any nice recipe ideas for lunches and dinners?
I dont like quorn at all, makes me feel sick :eek: anyone the same and do green?
Are there any better alternatives?
Im happy to use syns or HeBs on meat, all the recipes i can think of involve cheese etc
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I had ainsley Harriott cous cous for the first time yesterday while having a rare green day, its 1.5 syns for the whole packet cooked.

I had mine with a load of roasted veg and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. I have bought some more :D

Its on special offer at Tesco's at the minute at 2 for a pound or reduced in Asda's.


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Hi, i'm mainly a green girl and tend to keep things quite basic. I usually chuck a load of free/superfree veg into a wok or deep frying pan and chuck in either pasta twirls or couscous flavoured with stock cubes or bovril (all free). Then to make a bit of variation i'll add a hexb portion of meat, usually tinned tuna or chunks of chicken and then use some syns on a bit of sauce. Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce is lovelly and 1 syn per 10g.

This morning I had a broccoli and mushroom frittata which I topped with a hexb portion of reduced fat cheese. It was 42g worth which I though was a huge amount! If you use reduced fat versions then you'll probably have no problem having plenty of cheese in your meals.
I'm veggie so only do green days and I dislike quorn too. I only use the mince and sausages, and to be honest I very rarely use these. I just keep them in freezer as a 'just in case' option.

Lunches, for workdays I tend to just have salad with either pasta/rice/couscous/hard boiled eggs.

Dinners - chilli, tomatoey pasta sauces, stirfry, rissoto, omlettes, curry, pizza (smash one or vixsters), SW chips, eggs and beans.

I use tofu instead of quorn mostly, but you could use your HEB meat option.



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hi... there is so much to choose from

Stuffed vegetables with either rice or couscous
fish cakes using one of your HEXb's
Tesco's Meatfree Burgers taste nothing like quorn and are only 0.5 syns each
Linda McCartney Sausages also taste nothing like quorn and are 2.0 syns each and really are worth the syns
5 bean chilli
Tomato and mushroom pasta
Omelette's really nice and very filling if you stuff them with veg and have your HEXa worth of cheese on the top
mixed Vegetable roasties, just bung loads and loads of free veg and roast!
Butternut squash risotto
mushroom risotto
egg and syn free SW chips and baked beans real comfort food

The only thing that can restrict you is your imagination! And you do have to be imaginative... but you can have some really nice meals.


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This thread has some great recipes on it, I've found it more than helpful. I made the Shepherdess Pie on Thursday--made the mashed potato with Laughing Cow Triangles as a HEB, and it was absolutely DELICIOUS. Highly recommend the recipes on here. Plus. I made extra and have frozen the spare portions so that I can just reheat them throughout the week.

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