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Any new mums want to join together?

I got down to 13st 7lbs from 15st 7lbs then got pregnant and ballooned up to 18st 7lbs. Our daughter is a month old ob Friday and I'm planning on returning to my old sw group when we've both had our 6 week check ups.

I'm down to 16st 4lbs now and weigh in on Thursdays. My target weight is 11st 7lbs and am aiming to lose that by October 2011 as I don't want to fat and frumpy at 31 (was meant to be at target for my 30th but that was spent in hospital with our daughter)
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Def!! It would be good to have sone support from other mummies!! I find it difficult with a baby to plan and prepare meals cuz u never know when they are gonna give u chance to actually make meals!!! I end up grabbing something quick as soon as he closes his eyes!! Lol! I'm loving being a mummy just wouldn't mind being a bit of a smaller mummy!! Lol!!
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Hi i am a (kind of new mum) my son is now 10 months old and i have a daughter of 4 1/2. I re started slimming world a few months ago and lost about 9lbs but was finding it hard to keep going after i went back to work in August so i stopped. I am now putting the weight back on so need to nip it in the bud! I have at least 2 stones to lose and could really do with a wee bit support. Is that ok?
thats great! i'm starting back to group next thursday after my check up. was doing ok on my own for couple of weeks but gone up again cos havent got the fear factor of the scales
Hi, would love to join in if you don't mind! My daughter will be 11 months on the 8th Dec so i'm not a new mum but i have a lot of baby weight to shift. I also have another little girl who is 5 in May.

I weigh in on Wednesdays :D

Good luck to everyone xxx

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I'd love to join. I was on slimming world & got down to 14st 7lbs when I got pregnant. I went up to 16stone when I was pregnant & now as off last week I was back to 14st 7lbs. I had my daughter on the 20th Oct so that's not too bad.

I'm doing it at home alone as I find it hard to get out to class (I've a 2 year old also) & also we're skint lol

I started last week (Mon) but haven't a weigh in day as such as I'll have to go to Boots as I've no scales. I will try go to town tomorrow to get weighed.

I find it hard in the evenings when the kids are in bed & all the food ads are on I just want to eat. i've just ordered a Tesco shop & planned menus.

My problems are eating breakfast & drinking water as I'm so busy with the kids I forget about myself so trying to get on track & improve that.

Hopefully we can keep each other on track XXX
My problems are eating breakfast & drinking water as I'm so busy with the kids I forget about myself so trying to get on track & improve that.

Hopefully we can keep each other on track XXX
know that feeling well, i have breakfast but sometimes not till midday lol

started back tonight at 16st 9.5lbs. think i was 13st 13 when last got weighed officially so OMG cos was 18st 7 day before had kathryn!
Hi there,

Crikey I haven't been in this forum for years!! Lol

Im a new mum!!! Yay!!! And am lovin it!!! I am exclusively breastfeedimg but not losing any weight coz I can't step away from biscuit barrell or donuts!!! Think I eat more now than I did during pregnancy!!!

I put on a stone while pregnant and ishalf stone lighter than pre pregnancy but still need to lose about 4 stone as was a fatty before baby!!

I am joining class on thurs so will officially start then, just putting the feelers out here cos I know it's helped me in the past!!! Eeekk!!!!

big bear

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Well I weighed myself yesterday & I'm 13st 8lb so lost 13lb since the 18th November, hurray. I hope everyone is doing well.

I'm still not drinking enough water although getting better with breakfast having 2 weetabix with banana, quick & easy. I'm following the Red plan as I find it easier & works for me
Wow!!! 13lb since 18th??! That's great!!

Are you bf ing?

Well d0one hope mine comes off that well x

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Wow!!! 13lb since 18th??! That's great!!

Are you bf ing?

Well d0one hope mine comes off that well x
Hiya, I only Breastfed for 2 weeks as I've a 2 year old and it was too much for me. I've been doing red days & completely cut out potato & bread

I'm sure it'll fall of you XX
lost 2.5lbs this week! whoop whoop!

I breastfeed about 95% of the time. If i'm with baby and she's hungry i feed her but if not with her she gets a bottle and sometimes gets one when i am there if shes still screaming after i've fed her. Not bad considering she had to go back in hospital cos she dropped too much weight when we came home due to her not feeding.

Am so glad i persuavered (if thats how you spell it lol)
Well done mummymoo!!

How did you find starting?

I lost 5lb this week. Very very pleased. I am 100% still breast feeding .

Had a few bad times but must have out weighed the good!

Gona try for 2 this week but got a family dinner on sun and works do on weds (night before weigh in!)... Great!!!! Ha ha! Be nice to get 1/2 stone before crimbo though. X

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A bear on a mission!
I've STS but happy with that as have been quite naughty. I intend to try STS till after Xmas (although sticking to it as much as possible) & then I'm going to do meal planners/batch cook etc to make it easier. I'm also going to put a litre bottle of water with NAS squash in the fridge to encourage me to drink more as that's a huge problem for me.

I hope then that I can get rid of all the 1lbs (stones lol)

H is getting me some scales for xmas so I can weigh weekly at home.

Hope you're all well. XX
Ohhh.. Can I join in please!... I really need motivation! I have had 4 babies in 5 years, my youngest is 6 weeks and I am soooo ready to loose these horrible pounds!! Is there a new team for mummies?? x
Hiya I'm a new mummy. I have a ten week old little boy. I'm weighing in tomorrow after the christmas gluttony so it's back on the wagon tomorrow!!!
How are other new mummy's doing out there?
i gained a lb last week and lost it again this week! am soo pleased cos joined first week of december and lost 2.5lbs in december. Not a lot but could have started 2011 a hell of a lot heavier so very very pleased
Pleased for you mummymoo! I couldnt make WI on monday due to my lil man and my OH having this flu!! Dreading it on monday!! Cuz havent had time to get myself organised this week at all with looking after them!!
Hope u had a gd xmas!
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Hey everyone, my little girl turned 1 last weekend. I put on 3 stone when I was pregnant with her. Started losing weight with slimming world when I went back to work in October. Def getting there but finding my tummy still to be the worst, getting fat shifted off it, but its still so flabby

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