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Any older people doing Exante T.S.

Hi I am just sat here wondering if any older people like me doing are doing Exante, as I would like some buddies to do this diet with I am 54 and finding it quite hard to stick to the diet so would appreciate all the help I can get and thought it would be nice to talk to someone like me whos family are all grown up and have grandkids etc
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Now you may think your older...but I think your young...so what does that make me I am 63 and even thats not old...I was always slim until my second child then I got to a size 16 and never lost it again..Thats not bad really as its took 30 odd years for me to get to a size 22...I now have retired and have quite bad athritis in hips and knees so I cannot move around as much as I used to and am frightened that I will get even bigger so its going...I have decided once and for all I am going to be a size 10/12 again ...fortunately hubby wants to lose some so he is doing it with me...he has lost more than me because he is quite a busy person. I am so pleased I did this at last as I feel so much better already and have still some way to go...so it is never too late to change the way you feel and look so keep going and get fit and look your best
Hi there, I don't class 54 as 'older' lol, but I know what you mean. I'm soon to be 50, not on exante but dietimeal which is similar. Was doing All About W8 which was good but a bit more expensive. Well done on your weight loss on lipotrim, did you change because of the cost or some other reason? How are you finding the exante shakes? The best of luck in your weight loss.

54 is nothing! My mother-in-law lives with us and is 80 in March. She's seen my packs and is making an appointment to see her GP to see if she can do it as well - she just wants to check that it won't cause any problems with her arthritis medication. She's off to Canada next year by herself, (she goes every 18months or so), to stay with relatives and wants to be more comfortable on the plane.

Good luck xxx
Hi - I am a young 61!! I do one month of healthy eating then one month of Exante. I have lost 3 stone so far. At the moment, I am healthy eating (however, if I go to a wedding or out for the evening, I do it whilst Healthy eating and just start again the following day). I am due to go back on to Exante on Monday, 10th October for a month to loose another stone (total 4 stone) before I go on holiday on the 19th November for 2 weeks

Good luck

Chris x
Hi Ladies, thank you for all your posts.. sorry if I offended anyone about the older thing but too true I dont feel old at all except when I am in pain with arthritis and lots of other medical problems. I did do well on Lipotrim but the price was a bit much and I found that as I go away quite a lot I couldnt always get to the chemist every week and it was so expensive to get two weeks at once, so having found exante I was well pleased I love all the shakes and the mushroom soup and use the meausre up bars from Asda, I only liked the choc shake on Lipotrim..The thing is that I cannot stick to exante for more than four days at a time I have done so many restarts and always fail on day four..Any ideas on what Im doing wrong would be welcome.. I have 2 months of exante left now so I am going to keep trying and if I have no luck then I will have to go back to Lipotrim as I found this really easy and no hunger..Hope all is going well with your all and keep up the good work Linda x
Hi skinnyone0,
I'm 58 so a little older than you.. I have tried more diets than I can remember including lipotrim and have never stuck to any for any length of time.
Exante has changed all that, I have been TS now for 13 weeks and have lost 3.5 stones. I feel good and am now starting to really believe that I can do this and get to goal, it will take a while but I'm determined to get there.
I had bad knees and hips and was getting to the stage where I was exhausted just doing the housework. I'm now much fitter and no pain in my knees etc.
You need to get past day 4, your probably not getting into ketosis and so every week is like starting again. Just try to stick to the plan for a week and then it'll get easier, once in ketosis it'll get much better. It's very rare now that I ever feel hungry, in fact I sometimes forget to have my shake. Hang on in there, we are all here for support, be strong, look forward to hearing next week that you've got past day 4...:D
Thankyou catscratch but I am not going to restart till 16th Sept as I am on hols at Scotland till the 15th then its head down to get this weight off no more messing about ...
We are very near Greenock Renfrewshire a tiny village called Inverkip its where I grew up and my dad built loads of houses there hope you are doing well in your Exante journey x linda
I am 48 girls..and started yesterday on Exante...I lost 85 last year on LL...but put 28 up in months...day 2 completed...on the good side the arthritis in my knees and hips went away and I woz ...and am still pain free...and my BP went back to normal after years of being sky high...so best of luck hun...it can only get better

sweet dreams

My family used to camp every year in wee Inverkip! My Dad, in particular, loved it there. Long time ago. I grew up in Glasgow and often think of childhood days at the coast.
I was so lucky I lived most of my childhood in Inverkip and lived across the road from the beach so spent everyday there and made friends with the famlies that came down for days out happy days thats why I love coming back as I now stay in Warrington after meeting my hubby on a holiday to Blackpool ..

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