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Any one do SW without fruit?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I just wondered really if its possible to follow Sw without eating fruit. I eat loads of veg & salad but I've totally gone off fruit!!!

I really don't know why as I used to love it but I just can't stomach it now. The only fruit that I might eat a couple of times a week is bananas, pears & apples but I can do a week without!

Sorry for the ramble but does anyone else successfully follow the plan excluding fruit?
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Determination is Key
I don't eat a lot of fruit :)
I don't but i can easiy see how it can be done. I usy only have fruit with brekkie. Otherwise veg all the way for me.
Today no fruit at all for me.
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No fruit for me (I have real trouble digesting it)


Always trying!
I love fruit and often have it as a snack between meals however when we got our 8 week old puppy 2 months ago I was so tired from the lack of sleep I lost my appetite, which really isn't like me I might add! I found that I was just eating my 3 meals a day however due to lack of sleep and running around all the time I didn't bother with fruit.

Do to answer your question, I'd say it is poss to do SW without fruit providing you do have your superfree from veg
And I am the opposite. Have lost over 2 stone on mainly fruit as my superfree, dont really like veg. Think its a case of superfree is superfree, so long as you have it in some form, if it works for you dont knock it!
I don't really do fruit unless it's pineapple on my smash pizza. It's not doing me any harm.
I don't really do fruit, purely because the fruit I do like is sooo darn expensive if eaten in the quantities I would want them in!
I do struggle for snacks sometimes but I make do.
As long as you're getting your Superfree, I don't think it matters whether it's fruit or veg! :) xx
I don't even worry about superfree but then again I do green days rather than extra easy so it's not quite so important. I honestly don't know what's superfree or superspeed.

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