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Any one in their first few days and new to forum!

Hi, I'm Alex. Just started CD after I met a friend I had not seen in years. Last time I saw her she was 'large', I could not believe it she has lost 6st in as many months.

It all clicked into place - I started on Wednesday and nearly died when the scales said 18st :cry:, so its day 2. Headaches today but I know this will pass. I don't feel hungry :bliss:

Would love to hear from other new people - lets get through these 'fuzzy' days together!
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Hi, how are you feeling? Have you ever done CD before?

Yesterday I thought a bear had taken residence in my tummy, not so bad today but feeling 'fuzzy'


Absolutely Determined!
I'm feeling ok, a bit irritable but i think thats more to do with having a houseful of kids lol. Not had a headache yet...touch wood. I've never done CD before, no, but i've done every other diet you can think of and i think this is the best one for me as it removes food from the equation for a while. Good luck xx

Cooky - Thanks, you too xxxx
How do I become a member of a team?
I'm on day 4 and still really hungry! Got to do this though, this is Day 4, Part 2 after a monumentous fcuk up last week (I managed to gain 1lb!)

Will stick with this together!! x


Absolutely Determined!
To be a member of a team, you need to go to the CD Teams forum at the top of the page, and then post in the CD Teams Advertising Agency, saying you are looking to join a team :) I believe Team 29 are looking for another member, though I apologise if I'm wrong :)
Hello, I start tomorrow, have my appt at 11:15, am looking forward to it but a bit apprehensive as well. Think it will be better for me as takes all food options away, would be nice to keep in touch and see how we all get on?
good luck all.
Im on day 4, not feeling hungry but more bored and usually this would mean I would eat :rolleyes:

I've split my shakes up to make them seem more plus had them warm as they fill me up more :D the choc orange one is really nice hot !

Day 2 was really hard, hungry, stomach rolling and major headache but thankfully it had all gone by morning of day 3 :D

Plus I checked my urine with a ketostix this morning and im definately in ketosis so hopefully burning fat :D

Good luck to everyone else - hopefully we can do it together :)
Hey there I started today, and found the whole thing a real brain fcuk, been gulping down water like nobodys business, still I am sure it will be worth it when I am on the cover of GQ:rotflmao:

PS uggnboo are you really that tall:doh:
Hi, I'm on day one. Not been as hungry as I expected and was a bit light headed earlier, but that has passed now.

Good luck everyone
K x
KatieMc - this week will hopefully be different, a good weight loss, keep it up!

Lardass - good luck, I was so nervous but agree with you. I always cheat on normal diets (one drink, one chocolate - oh I'm off the rails again) Lets us know how it goes!

Richy2704 - god knows what happened there - not quite but you are tall! Are you on 4 sachets as well?

Looking forward to day 4 when I'm hopefully in ketosis - pee sticks at the ready.

Keep going ladies, we can do this!
:welcome: to minimins alex. im on day 4 (again!) have done cd a good few times!

you should join a team great for motivation and support. if ya need any help just well :)

best of luck

Luv becky x


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
I am on day 3 well day four nearly !! 2day i have suffered with headaches but i can cope as they are mild ive not felt any hunger yet but even if i do im gunna smash thoose thoughts outta my head!!!
Feeling really good today - did the pee stick test and I'm in ketosis:jelous:

Not feeling hungry - CD removes all thoughts of 'what am I gunna eat next' and it plays on your mind - brilliant diet.

Also, for a treat, I got a puppy! Well not really a treat! I've been thinking about getting another dog, I already have a working cocker spaniel but I got a 10week old Cairn Terrier last night, she is MUCH better than food!

Good luck to everyone over the weekend. I'm in London for three days next week on business. I've found a hotel and the rooms have a kitchenette so I can still have my sachets. Fingers crossed that all goes well - I'll be breazying past the cooked breakfasts!!

I am on my first day and feel a bit deprived as I didn't get a pee stick to see when I am in ketosis:cry:

Ug, are you in ketosis on day 2 or 3?

I love this site and am trying to keep up to date on everyone's progress.

I've had one shake so far and don't feel any slimmer yet!!!! Maybe tomorrow!!! lol :8855:

Am not really feeling deprived that I missed out on a breakfast yet. I wonder what I will feel like after my lunch?!

Keep posting, its good to do instead of going to the cupboards!!

Am gonna try and find how to put in all the sig details and the tickers you all have now.

TR xxxx


Absolutely Determined!
TR - you can buy the ketostix from your CDC, or on Ebay. However, be careful because they can get a bit addictive! You'll know when you are in ketosis; your mouth will feel disguting!
I went into ketosis on day 3, but its different for everyone. Could be as soon as day 2 or even up to day 4 or 5. Don't worry; you'll get there soon enough. XXX

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