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any one want to join me on week 2?

Hey I'm on week 2 day 4 too!


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I've just completed week 2. 16lbs lost.
Week 1 - 10lbs
Week 2 - 4lbs
Now on Day 2 of week 3.

Hope you all have great losses at your Week 2 weigh-ins.

I am also on week 2 day 2!

How are you guy's doing?

I'm on week 2 day 4 aswell - happy to join some fellow noobees!!
Mine is Monday evening
Mine is on tuesday at 12pm.
My weigh in is Monday morning. Am feeling a lot better this week than I did last week - at least now the aching limbs and headaches have stopped, dont feel hungry any more and have a lot more energy. How's everyone else feeling?
After my lapse on Tuesday evening (personal stress) I got straight back on and have been 100% since (well except only managed 1 porridge and 1 bar yesterday and day before). Just don't want to eat which is odd because usually when I have stress problems I eat!
Good luck to all for next weigh in


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I'm on week 2 day 4 too and my weigh is Monday. I have been naughty this week (had quavers yesterday as we had to do a dog rescue down in London and I didnt have any shakes with me) and had some wafer thin chicken a couple of days ago too :( I have been 100% today, did a cheeky weigh in and have only lost 1lb this week so far so not doing great :cry:
Hi All
My weigh in is tuesday lunch time. I am amazed by this diet! I lost 13 lb in my first week and so far i have lost 4 inches around my waist. Its unbelievable. I was an absolute pig before this and i can't believe i am on day 11 and not bothered by food. Obviously i would love a chinese or whatever but i want to be slim more and with this speed it is giving me hope.
Silly question but finding my way around this site - does this thread continue on and on as long as we add to it? I would hate to lose you lot as i am sure we will all help each other x
Hi Karen, I think the thread will continue as long as we all add to it but am quite new here too so am not 100% sure. I would hate to lose you all too and agree that we can all help each other - with us all being at around the same stage in our journey!

Had my week 2 weigh in today and lost another 11lbs so am well chuffed although I know its gonna slow right down now but it takes me one step closer to that chinese - oh yes, i could kill for one too!!!!

How's everyone this week? Still all on the 100% CD wagon?
Meant to also say a huge well done Karen, 13lbs in one week and 4 inches off your waist is totally amazing! :party0038:
hey there i have just started my week 2, had my first weigh in yesterday and lost 2 kilos so really pleased and ready for this week now! being extra good today to make up for the lovely roast dinner i had last night to treat myself!!! lol
Thanks Debs, can't believe you have lost another 11 lbs in your second week thats amazing!! I am weighing in tomorrow but looks like i am on course for about 5 lbs. Have to say at first i was a bit gutted but thats mad! It would have taken me a few weeks to get that off in ww or sw. People have already started to notice and only in week 2. Are you doing the bars too? Have to admit i did have a ww meal on saturday night as my hub had garlic bread and it smelt all round the house. After i ate it though i regretted it, didnt make me feel any less hungry just guilty. Its my 34th on saturday and really not sure what i am going to do. I know if i eat i will go straight back on sunday as i am so determined but worried it might muck up my pattern. Wish i had done this diet ages ago - it gives you the quick inspiration that you need when i had 6 stone to get rid off xxx
Hey Karen, was a bit shocked by the 11lb loss in week 2 aswell but am sure it wont be that every week - sadly!! I used to do SW too and was always gutted by the silly wee 1lb and 1/2lb losses so this is ab fab for getting you motivated - wish I'd done it a long time ago too!

I'm doing the bars too, couldnt live without a chew at some point during the day, makes me feel like I'm still part of the same clan as those who eat food! Are you doing the bars?

I'm going out Sat night too and was a bit stressed out about it so spoke to my CDC at the weekend and she advised just going out, eating what I want to eat then getting right back on it on Sunday. She said its likely I'll put a few on but will have them off again as quickly - fast on, fast off! Am going to see how it goes because I really dont want to lose touch with food altogether but in the same respect I dont want to screw up the diet at this early stage.

I need to lose about 7 stone so looks like we'll have almost the same sort of length of journey ahead of us - am sure we can keep each other motivated.

Good luck for the weigh in tomorrow hun, and have a fab birthday on Sat. I'm off to have my soup - am starving!!!!:eat: