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Any one with PCOS

S: 20st0lb C: 19st1lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 0st13lb(4.64%)
Hi Carol

As well as suffering from PCOS, I also have to deal with type 2 diabetes and yes I can sympathise with you with regards trying to lose the weight.

Because of the diabetes, I have to include carbs in my diet, but it is "refined" carbs which I eat, i.e., brown rice, wholemeal pasta, bread and instead of potatos I tend to use Sweet potatos instead. Refined carbs don't have as much starch as their white counterparts and because they break down and release their sugar slowly, I feel fuller for longer and my body is able to cope with regards producing insulin. So far my diabetes is diet controlled only and I'm still losing weight so it can be done!

I tend to stick to green days and use my HE'bs to cover protein, i.e., chicken in curry, mince in spag bol, etc.. I also use one of my HE'b to cover me for breakfast, ie., mini weetabix with yohgurt instead of milk - can't stand soggy cereal and it tastes great or I have porridge. As I don't eat a lot of bread, I don't really miss it.

Although I tend to focus mainly on my diabetes with regards to my diet which is a result of my weight gain due to PCOS (talk about vicious circle), I must admit that since I switched over to "refined" carbs, I have noticed a difference in my PCOS related problems too. It really is a case of trial and error and finding out what suits you best.

Hang in there and don't give up! Good luck for your future weight loss!
thx guys for your replies

well i was dignosed 18 months ago and its getting worse because in less than 6 month i gained more than 2 stones without knowing why, and then i had tests done i was told that i had PCOS 8 months ago i was told that it got worse and im insulin resistant so i was told that i had to lose weight. but its just not coming off.

thanks very much for your replies it makes me feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

thanks starlight i have never notice this link before


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S: 15st8.5lb C: 15st8.5lb G: 12st13lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good luck hun my friend has PCOS and she's not a skinny minny either :( (but she has a bad diet!)
I have endometriosis and i have "endo-belly" when the pain is bad x
S: 15st12lb C: 14st11lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 1st1lb(6.76%)
hi carol,

I have PCOS too, losing weight has really helped but it takes me twice as long as it would without PCOS, I just have to know that 1lb a week is good for me and I know I worked hard to get it. Good luck - you've always got us on here for support.

hb x
its seems like lots of ladies got PCOS, im not being nasty here and don't get me wrong but it feels good when people are in similar situation it doesn't make me feel ill anymore. I hope that all of us will get rid of it soon.

I wish i can lose 1 pound a week, i started with ee and lost very little in 4 months then i started to gain or maintain everyweek, green days never worked for me i started gaining at least 2lb a week but red day helped me maintain. all the weight going around my belly so annoying.
Did u do anything different to lose the weight ???


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S: 15st8.5lb C: 15st8.5lb G: 12st13lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
What are you eating do you do a food diary? whats your exercise and syns like? x


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I have PCOS too and have had for about 6yrs now so I too have issues with my weight but I am currently 2 stone 11.5lbs lighter than when I started slimming world .. I do struggle sometimes and my weight fluctuates but partly that's my fault cos it's worse if I forget to take my meds.

It can be done, hang in there, write a food diary and good luck with your journey, we are all here to help if you need us :)
G: 11st0lb
I also have PCOS was diagnosed about 3 years ago now having attended doctors for three years before being discovered! My weight increased and increased depsite me trying lots of diets and going to the gym! Iv currently lost 7.5lbs in my 1st month at slimming world, 1st diet that has worked for me!! So just keep at it! I tend to do extra easy. Goodluck Kirsty x


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The doctors suspect that I have PCOS, although I don't have the main symptom which is a lack of periods (it's actually the opposite). I do mostly Green Days and if I follow SW to plan I still lose weight (if I stick to plan).
S: 15st12lb C: 14st11lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 1st1lb(6.76%)
I've found that I have to exercise to see a difference, I also try and stay away from sugar. I also swear by M&S hold everything in knickers too for when you just need a bit of help :p
I love you girlsssssss u just so encouraging

I have been doing EE and i show my consultant my food dairy almost everyweek, before she use to say that im not eating enough but i do know and still the same.

well for example today I had
Blackberries (hand full) and banana (1) milk shake using skimmed milk.

jacket with beans and green salads ( salt and lemon dressing)

stuffed peppers ( stuffed with couscous chickpeas tomatos and some spices)

snacked on an orange after lunch
1 cup of green tea and coffee a day without suger

what do u think i check my swbook everyday to make sure im eating superfree and free food.


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I have PCOS on both ovaries and to be honest I haven't found it that hard to lose weight if I stick to the plan 100% and eating carbs or not eating carbs hasn't made a difference. :) x
well the my pcos changed my insulin levels, i had to take many test and what they told me is that my body releases insulin all the time and thats what makes me gain the weight and make it really hard to lose it
S: 22st12.5lb C: 18st0lb Loss: 4st12.5lb(21.37%)
I have PCOS have done for a few years now maybe longer than I realise. I restarted SW 28th may and have lost 1 stone 12 1/2 lbs so far. SW is the only diet that seems to work for me nothing did before, I find it so hard to lose any weight at all but this plan is great. SW I think should be promoted for ladies like us, I am ttc as well and have been to doctors etc.. who all say simply losing weight will improve fertility. We all know that it's not that simple but I am hoping that this time I can go all the way with my journey and get to where I want to be. I find this forum so helpful and everyone is so friendly, also in relation to PCOS it's nice to know there are people who can sympathise and understand how heartbreaking it can be... Anyway onwards and downwards :bliss:
losen weight can make all the diffrence i tried for 15 years then lost a bit of weight and hay ho along comes baby number 1 5 years later did same again and baby 2 so yes even a few stone can make all the diff

Blackberries (hand full) and banana (1) milk shake using skimmed milk. milk shakes need to be syn sw say and i would say u aint eating enough and it looks more like a green day and if u had did it as green u could have had 2 hex a and b and looking again i dont see hex b but thats just my opinion :)

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