Any other Archers?

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Avon Rachel, 12 July 2012 Social URL.

  1. Avon Rachel

    Avon Rachel Well-Known Member

    Hi all
    I've been an archer for nearly 5 years now and loving it! Is anyone else addicted like me? :)
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  3. Sigrun

    Sigrun Active Member

    I have just signed up to a beginners course in Archery in January. Have always wanted to become a fully pledged archer so am very much looking forward to it! Do you compete?
  4. Avon Rachel

    Avon Rachel Well-Known Member

    Yeah, won the cups in my club for the last few years, came 3rd in a team event and 4th in a few others, I'm entered in the Kent Open in November... fingers crossed I get better than 4th this year :)
  5. Sigrun

    Sigrun Active Member

    That sounds so awesome! My course starts in January and it´s the 5-week beginners one. It will be my reward hopefully for doing well in the weight loss. :)
  6. BIGTsmallt

    BIGTsmallt Well-Known Member

    Rochdale company of archers! Yay
  7. Elfdaughter

    Elfdaughter Well-Known Member

    Sorry to dredge up an old thread.... But yay! Other archers! I'm a member of the Bowmen of Walker. What do you shoot? I'm a longbow gal.
  8. bronski

    bronski Anything But Ordinary

    Hooray! So glad Elfdaughter revived this :D My husband and I started archery about 2/3 months ago, just about finished the beginners course and got my own kit; a sexy Sebastian Flute recurve set up! Laaaaave it!

    I quite like the thought of long bow, maybe in a couple of years, once I've got my head around it all and saved up enough pennies I'll have a go :)

  9. Elfdaughter

    Elfdaughter Well-Known Member

    Ooh, a Sebastian? Sweet!! They are drool-worthy bows. Shooting longbow is very different to recurve, though. The technique is pretty different (there's no way you can hold a longbow at full draw to aim), and of course there's no sighting technology, but they are gorgeous bows to shoot. I feel a lot more natural with a longbow. Course, there's nothing to stop you shooting barebow recurve, which is a nice midway point between the two, to see if you like and can get used to the idea of shooting without a sighting aid. I actually use a teddy bear on the field as an aiming point. I get a lot of stick for my little white lamb, but he is an excellent training aid! I don't use him in competitions though, although he does come along as my mascot.

    actually, talking of competitions, I took part in one the other day. Set a club record as well as a personal best!

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  10. bronski

    bronski Anything But Ordinary

    Awesome! Love the picture :D Congrats on on beating the club record! That's so cool!

    Before I got my bow, I was shooting a club recurve that didn't have a normal sight fitting so shot without. I shot better with that bow than the one before which although had a sight had a broken arrow rest!

    Yeah I can imagine the long bow technique is very different from recurve. I do love the natural look of them, there's a real visual and earthy appeal to them :)

    Think we're going to go shoot on Sunday, can't wait!! :D
  11. Elfdaughter

    Elfdaughter Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Bronski! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! It is a great hobby to it burns off quite a few calories! What weight is your bow? I pull 40 lb, but I worked up to it from about 25.
  12. bronski

    bronski Anything But Ordinary

    Oh gosh, I'm only pulling a dinky 23lbs! And that's from 18lb :eek:

    Oo, I didn't think of shooting as a calorie burning sport, how many kcals does it burn an hour roughly?

    Bron :)
  13. Elfdaughter

    Elfdaughter Well-Known Member

    That's ok, you'll build it up! I've been shooting for a while now, and used to do fencing for some time before that, so I've got a bit of upper body strength from that!! I think it depends on what you pull, but roughly about 144-200 per hour.
  14. bronski

    bronski Anything But Ordinary

    Funny you should say about the fencing, my husband's also a fencer as well as an archer (he's a noob too :) ) I think there must be a similar mind set in archers and fencers. I used to be a judo player, and going to the sports bar after the conversations the judo lot had was very different to the fencers!

    I definitely need some more upper body strength, I have weedy, kitten like strength!

    I'm loving the rewards in your signature goals, by the way! Custom quiver definitely worth losing for :D Although I bought a load of material to make my own archery case, I'm now wondering if I hit 70kgs or do a distance challenge husband will let me buy a rucksack style case...?

  15. Elfdaughter

    Elfdaughter Well-Known Member

    Hehe, I know what you mean about mindset!

    And yeah, I know! I know a guy who does the most incredible leatherwork. I'm ordering the quiver through him now, but when I get it, I'll put it away until I reach my target, then give it to myself.
  16. bronski

    bronski Anything But Ordinary

    Ooo how exciting! You must must must post a picture when it comes :D

    Well jeal,my husband's going shooting tonight without me :( Seeing old uni friends in Lincoln for the day which will be awesome but going to miss my shoot!


    Bron :)
  17. Elfdaughter

    Elfdaughter Well-Known Member

    I will! I know how you feel, I haven't had my evening shoot this week. Tipped down on Monday, had a family thing Wednesday, and I'm in work tomorrow. I miss my bow!!
  18. bronski

    bronski Anything But Ordinary

    Yays! Can't wait to see :D

    It's a bum when life gets in the way of a shoot :( I'm lucky though, just checked calendar and tomorrow is a shootin' day :D (we alternate Sundays between kayaking and shooting) We've now - finally! - paid full membership so I can go down to the range whenever I like, ideal for being on school hols :D

    Bron :)
  19. bronski

    bronski Anything But Ordinary

    Had a really nice shoot today :) Worried that I'd still be a bit all over with my new bow, but was scoring much better than a few weeks ago.

    Think I'm going to try get out in the week, just me and my bow :)


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