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Any projects to keep you out of the fridge?


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I have started compiling a list of what I'm going to do with my usual eating time. I don't know about you but my eating time isn't just dinner, it's after dinner right up until bed time...snacking.

So I have decided no TV unless in bed (the bedroom is three floors away from the kitchen which really helps!). I am going to paint the skirting boards in the kitchen and find a new colour for one of the walls. I am also going to entirely redecorate the bedroom, which will be a massive project for me as it's got painted floor boards and slanted roofs as it's in the attic...lots of rubbing down of wood so that should keep me busy for a fair few evenings. :)

I've got four books which are awaiting me and a pedicure set!

It's only a shame that the en suite toilet won't be completed until March as I am going to need it with all the water I'm drinking!

Anyone else got any diversionary tactics?

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Mine is playing Buzz games on the PS2, was so not into them before, but after a blip last night, today has went really well because I've been playing it with kids for last 4-5 hours. The minimims arcade is also another place you forget to leave.


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oooh, not tried the Minimims arcade, will definitely keep that up my sleeve for moments of weakness!


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I got my hubby one of those for his birthday and my brain age was 80 - eek, got it down to 61 now, but seeing as I'm actually 37, this is obviously not good enough!

Perhaps when the keytones start flying around my brain will sharpen up along with my tummy!


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Unfortunately I won't go for a walk in the evenings, I am very security aware so that one is out for me, but I'm definitely going to start back on my treadmill from tomorrow!
I'm in my second year at Uni doing English & History so I'll have PLENTY of reading and swotting to do. Also, I've taken up knitting again as my second daughter's baby is due in February. I gave myself loads of time to do the two knitting projects (a blanket and a jacket) but I've not done it for a while and now I'll have to get a move on to finish them in time! Good job the basic garter and stocking stitches are in fashion - they're about the limit of my 'skill'!

I'm also considering doing a really comprehensive journal - a lot deeper than 'I didn't cheat today'. I'd like to record my thought processes as well as my physical progress - thought this might be useful when things get tough in the future.


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A journal sounds a really good idea...it's something I intend to use when the going gets tough to record my thoughts. I found when I did LL that if I got upset with people or situations then I'd write them a letter, only one was actually printed and handed out, but it really helped get it all off my chest rather than chomping the emotions all down with food.

I do have a novel that I started writing 5 years ago and haven't completed; stopped writing when I gave up smoking as my habit was a litre of coffee and 60 fags by the side of my computer and just haven't got back to doing that...may try that one too.

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