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Any Recipes ??

I think you can mix the chicken soup into a paste and spread it in little circles on a baking tray and bake them in the oven for a short time and they come out a bit like crisps/poppadoms
You can - and I also toasted my Peantu Bar, sprinkled slightly with salt, crumbled it up and bakes it in the brownie so you can have a brownie with "nuts" :D

Have you seen the STICKIED thread above? Loads of recipe ideas there. :)

Some take a bit of tweaking to perfect, so don;t get discouraged and dismiss the idea if it doesn;t work perfectly the first time.

Variety was essential for me in the early days.
I have had a look and may try some of those ideas. The one I did wonder bout though would be the choc bar cos it says freeze for an hour, but am i right in thinking that officail guidance is consume within 15 mins of making. Sorry if this has been discussed later on in the thread, i only read the first few pages x
I would imagine that by freezing it, it stops the stuff in the foodpacks from breaking down as they do normally in 15 mins.
Its OK Rainbow. One a day, we were told, is OK to cook/freeze, etc.

ANother nice thing to do, is make the chocolate really thick, and "frost" a peanut bar - then freeze it all together. If you have a good imagination, it is like having an LL Snickers Bar. tip: cut into bitesize peices first and you can coat all the sides easily, and it is easier to eat. :)
Ah right thanks, Im not meaning to sound picky, just want to be fully informed, but if you're coating a bar are you not then having 2 foodpacks at once? cos our LLC says not to do that. xxx
So were you never told you couldnt have two at once? whats everyone else been told regarding two at once? x
As long as you have 4 a day, it does not matter how or when you take them. Some people have a bar with the banana warm, its like a custard topping. Or split the bar and split the packet, as long as you are doing the 4.
You can have 2 together, no problem.

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