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any refeeders


weighs a lot less
hi am refeeding at the moment im on day 3 and to be honest im not really enjoying it ,ive just had my tea fish with salad and im finding it hard feeling full .I know this may sound silly considering all us lipotrimmers do is think about food but im really missing the shakes ,ive only refed because im away at easter and thought it would be better to do things by the book rather than cheat but im considering just going back on the shakes sorry to moan about food of all things but im really struggling with this xx lillie xx
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Lillie is silly, your nuts girl now get it down your neck. Their are starving lipotrimmers all over the world that would have what youve got:D:D xx


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Lol that was you told hun! I can see where you're coming from Lil but i have to say im starving!!!! I suppose if you could go and eat what you want hun you would feel better but stick with it it will be worth it at easter...think of the vodka and diet coke:D xxx


weighs a lot less
ive got one hell of a tummy ache at the moment but im sure it will get better so are you going to refeed then hunxx


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I'm sure you'll be pleased you followed the rules in the long run Lillie. You'll be able to enjoy your easter break, knowing yo have done refeed properly. x

xx Cathy xx

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I know how you're feeling lillie, I did the diet last year (unfortunately didn't keep the weight off due to an undiagnosed underactive thyroid so now back on it) and I found re-feeding hard. It was the feeling of solids in my stomach that I didn't like and a few days after I was off work feeling really ill.


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thats doena sound good cathy?! I find it weird to believe that people dont enjoy eating again! I think it ould be mor ein the mind for me. I love eating and cant wait to be eating again, am scared that i cant stop but certainly not scared about feeling full.... good luck on your journey, you got much to lose?X


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I am thinking i may refeed next tues, thats 2 more weigh ins! Hopefully i should lose enough by then xx

xx Cathy xx

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Yeah, I got weighed on Tues at 14st 7lbs and my first weigh in is tomorrow morning. I want to lose at least 3 stone cos I'm getting married on 8th august and want to look good in my wedding dress! also need to get in one first!
oh congrats Cathy on you wedding. I too am gettin married this year and started a little heavier than what you started at. you should set a date to go try on dresses and make that your goal?X
I had 3 stone off in just 10 weeks, so ther es no need to panic. you'll have it off way before aug x
Good luck cathy xxx

xx Cathy xx

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I'm going to be measured in May as my godmother is making the dress for me so if I get down to a decent weight before its made, I'll be more likely to work harder at keeping the weight off so I can fit in it.

I have to say that I LOVE re-feeding! This is my second time I have done a re-feed week and it's just so nice to be eating solids again and knowing that there are yummy healthy options to be had!

Lillie, are you following the re-feed plan 100% ? Perhaps you are eating too much in one sitting?

Last time I did a re-feed week, I lost 2lb at my weigh in. Would love that to happen again this week. Fingers crossed!

Good luck, I'm sure you'll soon get used to eating again. After all, we've all got to do it at some point.

Lairy, its great to hear that some people enjoy the refeed ( i personally can not wait!!) Your so right, we have to start eating again at some point, we cant continue on Lipo all our days, what a boring life that woudl be eh! I'm looking forward to trying out loads of yummy healthy options and experimenting in the kitchen! I plan to be a whole lot more organised when it comes to planning my meals instead of getting home late and realising everything needs to be defrosted so instead I would head to the chippy!!

Wow that sounds so like me pineapple!! x
Moring Tracey, weigh in today? What time you heading there? I can not believe how fast the weeks are passing, I think I say that you every Tue!!!
Lol yep you do hun but its very welcome! I am going when my mum finishes work about 2ish, she has Millie while i go. Not very optimistic again though (i say that every week lol) ill be happy with 3lb definitely!! How you today? Have you eaten? lol xxx
We are like a pair of old stuck records are we!!

I'll be waiting to hear how you get on, I bet you have done brill.

Oh god NO WAY, I've not eaten, I was saying on another thread that after reading a few other posts its certainly perked me up again and today amd feeling really positive. I have been thinking about how far I have come in this short space of time and I am determined to see it through. Have 8 lbs to make my next Target of 11st but will consider my options once am there as that is still too high for my bmi and height.. Nae fun being a short arse!!

Loadds of people keep tellign me its time to do the refeed now, but am not ready for that yet in my own head. Yeah I have binged at weekends but I really dont think I will go back down that route after my joureny has ended and I have completeed the re-feed - I know that must be hard to understand but I honestly think I have binged as a kind of rebelling thing? Its hard for me to explain, I knwo what I MEAN!!Xx

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