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Any shift workers?

Hi I do mostly night shifts & am never really sure what to do about diet on my first night of the week. On my first night (today for instance ) I am up with my baby in the morning then stay up until I get home tomorrow morning around 9am. (very tired!!! lol:D )
I get hungry around midnight and again at about 4am.
should I just have another 2 shakes at those times?
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I guess you can take your shakes whenever its most suitable for you so you cud rearrange ur meal times around ur lifestyle. just as long as you still to the guidelines on having 2 shakes and snacks and then one 600 meal. i often have a few more snacks if i'm extra hungry, just to stop me picking at bad stuff :)
hmm nope that's not enough for 25 hours up & being at work on a busy ward & is what i am questioning. I can't be up and alert on just the stuff for the day, but then i am asleep all the next day so if i have the next days shakes & meal then i guess it will even out huh LOL thanks :D


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yeah i guess so. plus you'll be burning calories working all those hours! 25 hours! wow!
You have my sympathy chick, I work shifts and find it hard to eat right as the working day ends up being so long, but you have a baby on top I so admire you....can't help as I am a bypasser but did not want to read and run..xx
Hi Flubber - I dont work shifts anymore, and when I did I didnt do slimfast...but if it were me I would defo have two shakes and snakes through the night - I think I would pretty much treat my night as a new day, if you know what I mean. You can not go 25 hours on so little intake, especially if your busy, sounds like your a nurse?
Thanks girls...yeha Claire I'm a nurse and I treated last night like a new day, had a shake at 0100 and actually didn't want to pick like I normally do...Anyway had another at 5 am and I felt fine. Got up at 4 today and have had 1 shake and a vegetable curry. Off to bed again soon :D

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