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any SW's exercising at home??


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Getting a wii in may for my brithday cant wait :D. For now i use my trampette and stepper and i have a dvd workout. Also sometimes i just lcose the curtains, pop some music on and have a boogie for an hour and just move :D
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I like Clare Nasir's boot camp dvd. It is split up into 20 minute sections but within the 20 mins, it's got 2 identical 10 minute sessions. So initially I've been doing 10 mins of each section which is fairly challenging!!
I don't have alot of space to exercise and this dvd doesn't get you moving around the room too much so it's ideal. It's interval training based which is good because I cant follow complicated dance type moves!! and supposed to be very high in calories burnt.
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I had the wii and balance board with about 10 fitness games it was ok but didn't want to make me play it. I traded it in for xbox kinect and it's a whole different world. Got your shape and it's amazing. Sooo much better than wii as u don't need remotes and it scans your body!!!! I aim to play it 4 times a week. If I can get it off my husband (there's a fitness section for men)!! It makes me want to turn it on ever time I walk by it even though my legs ache lol
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We have a wii but wont be getting a fit board until after we've been on hols (April). I've got several dvds - some ministry of sound pump it ups which I used to do with a mate but haven't tried it in a few years!
I have Davina's 3 30 min workouts which I enjoyed but soon got bored of and my latest purchase was The Jillian Michael's 30 day shred - which I am yet to try as this weekend has been hectic with visitors and don't fancy being red faced and sweaty in front of them lol.
I also had a couple of pilates dvds but never really got into them before, I may give them another try though! I also have an exercise bike which I try and do 10 mins in the morning and 10 in the evening (operative word there being 'try' lol!)
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Ive just bought The Biggest Loser challenge wii game and its fab. You have the weekly weigh in (complete with scales and music ha ha) and theres a huge choice of routines, challenges, tips, recipies etc etc and it takes your meauserments so you can track.

Well worth £18 x


Never gets tired of SW!
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I have Davina's Body Buff! It's amazing and gets great results!! I have only done it about 8 times over 4 weeks but I am definitely seeing myself toning up and feel much fitter already!! It's very difficult but there are 2 levels to follow- I'm doing the harder level (following Davina) and I'm now starting to find it easier!X
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I like the Davina power of 3 DVD and Pump it up. Don't get to do them very much atm though cos I have 2 kids fighting over cbeebies and the PS3. The floor is usually thick with toys too. In the evenings hubby wants to watch tv :(

I go on my exercise bike mostly cos it doesn't take up much space and I can watch tv at the same time.

I have a wii fit but lost interest in it ages ago. It doesn't seem to give me much of a workout since my fitness has improved.
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I have the same problem Sue toys everywhere etc, my bike is in the kitchen so at least I can do that in the day and in the eve I occasionally send hubby to his mates' for an hour so I can get on with it!
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I am the world's laziest person and I have always hated exercise but the Wii Fit has changed all of that! I bought it at Christmas and at first just played about with the Wii Fit plus games, then I made a little stretching routine, then I set myself targets for burning calories and then...well, lets just say I bought Ea Active and More Active off ebay and in two months I've gone from being a couch potato to someone who exercises every day (a stretch and muscle routine on the Wii Fit plus in the morning and either cardio boxing or step routine (I can now do the intermediate 30 min without a break or wishing I was dead so I could stop the routine early!)in the evening. I am going to start the 6 week challenge soon.

I got hooked on the fun part of the Wii Fit Plus and now look at my 30 mins in the evening of sweatiness and short breath as my treat for being good during the day - me! the person who would drive the car to the newsagents to get the Saturday paper rather than walk for 10 mins! I just can't believe it.

The only drawback is you need to use a legstrap for the EA games which doesn't always stay in place but I have solved that problem by replacing the strap with a thigh support I bought from Aldis for £2.99. I caught a reflection of myself in the french windows the other day and thought 'hmmm, with that leg strap you look a little like Lara Croft - although a very overweight, extremely sweaty, red faced and middle-aged version!". Although my son told me I looked more like a very overweight, extremely sweaty, red faced, middle-aged possibly transvestite version!

I will be taking revenge for that remark very soon...
I tend to do yoga and pilates, which aren't what you're after I don't think.

I have a BOSU and do the BOSU Equilibrium workout - because I used to go to classes - its like half an exercise ball, and you do your exercises on it. Because you are trying to keep your balance you use your stomach muscles A LOT - and I'm rubbish at doing the usual stomach exercises - I work my neck more than my Abs usually...

I would recommend trying a class at a gym if you ever see one offered


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I have Davina's Power of 3 and her three 30 minute workouts and I love them!
Like power of three best, I want to buy her 'Fit' dvd next or 'Body Buff'
I fell much fitter for doing them and they are not too difficult you can work to your own level and can select 'mostly music' if you get bored of Davina's voice (which I sometimes do even though I am a big fan, itgets repetitive after doingit 3-4 times a week but suppose you will get that with anything lol)


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I may look into davinas dvd's, has anyone here tried the just dance games?


Just doing it this time
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I walk a lot - increased dog walking too - power walking - and try and job - but I don't do that very well. PLUS since starting at SW I also get on my mini trampoline for an hour at a time whilst watching TV - it's a bit noisy (neighbours probably wonder what we are up to !) keep em guessing eh.

Can't afford a gym membership though, I think I would love to go and try it.


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S: 14st0lb C: 12st13lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 1st1lb(7.65%)
I have borrowed my sister's just dance game for the wii but I didnt think it was that good although my 10 yr old daughter loves it!
I have the My Fitness coach - Dance workout for wii which i feel is better although it's difficult to follow some of the steps i just make it up! As long as you keep moving it's burning calories isn't it
I don't feel like I have done a proper workout doing the game though like I do after doing a workout dvd

I've just been out and bought some hand weighs to go with Davina's 'pump' workout on 30 min workout. Can't wait to try them out!
Never thought i'd be excited about exercise lol;)

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