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Any tips for a struggler please?


Mummy of 2!
my first 2 weeks were fantastic my brain was completely in gear and i didnt even want food. lost 13lb which is great but still loads to go.

fell off the wagon in week 3 whilst suffering flu & tonsilitis and i just cant get back on track. this week, since monday i have only had 2 100% days. yesterday i told myself just to be 100% until monday WI yet today, i managed to scoff loads of cocktail sausages at lunchtime and although i felt disgusted with myself i have now just finished off some leftover chicken from my sisters chinese takeaway.

so any tips to get your head back into gear after cheats? would going up a plan help?

i have a holiday in 8 weeks and want to loose 2 stone by then :(
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Stubborn tortoise
Amy, no real answers as my own head has been all over the place lately, but have managed 3 out of last 4 days at 100% which does feel like a step in right direction... I find that posting on here helps, also the hour by hour threads. Going up a plan might help - after a week or so of 810 you might feel better & ready to step down again to SS? Don't know honey, but sorry you are struggling. Hugs.


Mummy of 2!
Thanks Katy. i havent been able to get on here much lately but will try to find some time to post on the daily threads!

i felt brilliant for being 100% yesterday so i just need a couple of days in a row to reinforce that feeling.

Out of interest, if i start afresh and have an entirely 100% week, could i get another ''first week'' style big loss?? that might spur me
Amyeve.. there you are I wondered where you had been, sorry to hear you have not been well, when I started this diet, wk 2 I got quite sick, I had a few 810 meals as I felt that my body needed it and I also needed the energy to get back to work, do what your body is telling you and I am sure you will get back on track.. take care


Cambridge Consultant
You have been doing great... You had really great losses, its unfortunate when you are ill it does send you off track and I guess it is hard to get back on to it..

Just a thought why dont you have a picture in your head of yourself and what you want to look like for your holiday to Ibiza... and keep thinking about that everytime you go to have a cheat!!!

You can do it hon .... Chin up and stay positive your going to be so nice and slim for your holidays ... xx


Mummy of 2!
thanks ladies, nice to see you Sarah Lou, you are doing brilliant - well done for joining the gym :wow:

well i've done myself a new ticker with the holiday target on it!! 27lb in 8 weeks:eek:

but thats 3.3lb a week so very do-able if i get my bloomin head in gear


Mummy of 2!
aww thanks for the encouragement curlywurly:)

on holiday i'd love to think of people saying, oh she has a nice body and confidence to wear a bikini even though shes had a baby..
rather than, yuk pregnancy has ruined her!
you go girl.. nice to have you back, thanks for the encouragement too.. been to the gym three times this week.. it's great fun and abit of time for me x :)


Cambridge Consultant
I am sure nobody would look at you like that anyway... I just think thats what we think in our heads!! If you are there feeling confident in your bikini then everyone around you will think you look fab...
Think of that picture... thats what I keep trying to do x


Silver Member
keep up that positive spirit! i too have been struggling with CD since september when my baby turned 4 months old (i was and still am breastfeeding)...and now that she will be one in May (just like your little one!!), i feel like i have to make a clean sweep and have a full on go at this diet!!

chin up! and you have your hoildays to look forward to!!;)


Stubborn tortoise
Amy, good to see you posting again, & glad you are feeling better. We all get wobbles, but we can keep each other strong... you CAN do this honey. Don't know if you'd get a big loss or not, depends if you kicked out of ketosis or not... if you did, then maybe you'll get a big loss to spur you on again!

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