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any tips for getting the shakes down my throat??


This is my first day of the Lipotrim diet. Right now I'm feeling pretty light headed and just plain hungry.

So far I have had the chicken soup for 'breakfast' which was about 11:35am today. When should I have my next shake??

I had real trouble drinking/eating the soup - it made me heave... I really hope the shakes are nice.

Do you like the taste of the shakes/soup?? My first 'meal' was not a good start, having to force it down my throat. :(

So far drank nearly 750ml of water, so plenty more to go!!

Oh yeah, lastly, can anyone help me with the fibre dose?? I'm not sure how much to put in what lol sorry - Can I put the fibre into black tea?

thanks in advance everyone!!!
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I would say get some more water down, that will help with the hunger and possibly light headness. I usually aim for a litre with my breakfast and another litre before lunch.

I don't mind the soup and shake flavours but I know other people put things like cinnamon in the shakes and peppermint essence.

With the fibreclear I put a good heaped teaspoon in a glass of water and drink it, I think you can put it in hot drinks. Also if you used to drink a lot of caffeine drinks do remember to try and keep the caffeine levels similar or you will get caffeine withdrawal symptoms too.

I usually have mine at my normal mealtimes, that way I don't forget and am geting in the habit at eating at certain times and not snacking throughout the day.

The first few days are the worst but I promise you it does get easier and the results are really worth it.
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probably because you are empty. I had quite a bit of gas too and also a rumbly noise for a day or too


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I have my shakes at 10, 2 and 6. The shakes are A LOT nicer then the soup. I really like the Chocolate, but didn't at first. You'll get used to them and they become quite nice after a while. Make sure you use a whisk or something because I made the mistake at the beggining of not mixing it properly and I had lumps.....this really put me off. Just bear with it, they will get nicer.
I only take the choc shakes and as said above they do becme nicer as the days go on. Maybe it may help you to think of the shakes as medicine and you are taking them to make yourself well again? Just an idea? Water will help with hunger and once you get your first weigh in by you'll be truly chuffed with yourself. x


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hi try making the shakes with 4/5 ice cubes and 200ml or so of water they seem to taste better (im on cd but sure it will be same wot ever you are on) .I also use psyllium husks to make shakes into porrige like food this is nice to .peeps also use them to thicken soup never tried this.have a look at some of the recipe posts for crisps and muffins loads of tips around .Keep going it does get easier after a couple of days xxxx


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You will work out a routine that suits you and your lifestyle, it takes some getting used to.
I could only have the soup pipng hot and out of a mug, as for the shakes ice cold ......I must admit the drinks made me retch for around a week but I was determined and I can honestly say I enjoyed them after a few weeks. The weight loss results sure do spur you on though so do stick with it.
This diet is brilliant if you do it 100%, good luck hun ....you can do it !


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personally i have the vanilla shake mixed in with black coffee in the morning, a bit like a latte. A shake for lunch and the chicken soup for tea with a bit of curry powder added to it. but i'm new to this to so i guess it taste and see!
good luck
My first day today and I was pleasantly surprised with the shakes. I thought they tasted quite malty (like the insides of maltesers - or me going a bit nuts! :p ). The vanilla one especially I thought tasted a bit like Horlicks so I might leave my dinner shake a bit later tomorrow and have it with warm water as a bedtime drink. :)

I haven't got any soup or flapjacks for this week - what are people's opinion on these as I think I would find it a lot easier to eat these at work (especially the flapjack)?
I had a flapjack last night (my first day) because I was awash with the water and shakes and the soup made me feel quite nauseous.

I cannot describe the taste of the flapjack. I could taste coconut, but also salt, something chewy but it was dry and crumbly. Truly awful. The dogs liked it though....

Maybe in a couple of weeks the taste will have improved. It certainly couldn't get worse.
Ooh, since I'm actually not too put off by the strawberry and vanilla shakes I might just stick with them! I know what you mean about feeling awash with water and shakes though - I feel like a weeble at the moment I feel so bloated with all the water I have consumed today!!
Hi everyone - WOW! - at all your replies - thank you so much.

Well here is an update for you:-

Day One

11:35am - had a chic soup - which I struggled to get down, heaving all the way. I can see what you mean by the soup needing to be pipping hot - that last few sips were awful!

4:30pm: mixed a strawberry shake - what a disaster! I could only manage 3 sips and I really couldnt manage anymore. It was disgusting! I was gutted. I was then very reluctant to mix up a choc shake, as if I didnt like the choc shake I was in trouble... So I waited for the other half to get home from work - incase I needed him!! I sent him out to buy me some ready ice cubes (after reading your tips). I mixed the choc shake and downed it with in the 15mins!! I was soooooo relived I managed to drink it.

11pm - Last shake, another ice cold choc shake, which I drank with no probs at all.

Just a couple of questions!!

Because I'm adding ice to the shake, am I not supposed to add as much water? Please help me on this one!!

Also, I never, ever, ever drink water and yesterday I manage to drink nearly 3 pints! Does everyone always need a wee on this diet?? Will that get better???

THANKYOU!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s. sorry for long post!!


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Hi Curlylow! I found the shakes and soup totally vile to be honest for the first week....then gradually I got to love the vanilla and within a few weeks....loved them all...it was so weird but I think your taste buds change..

As for water - I would take as much water as possible with the shakes as your water intake is the key to this diet....a lot of the girls add extra water to the shakes and the soups for this reason....

And finally the weeing does sort it self out in a few weeks and you arent running to the loo all the time....promise....but keep drinking as much water as possible.....the weeks I didnt loose as much was because I didnt drink enough water - so its the key to the diet!!!

Best of luck


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you really should be drinking at least six pints a day, so by adding ice just think your upping your water intake. i'm only on day three myself, and so far i am constantly on the toilet!
My lipotrim advisor said that it's the water that makes the diet work and the more you drink the more u lose, so get it down u!
Hello Curlylow
It does get better, this is my day 7 and I thought I would never get there. This is the way I drink mine (Now I am not saying it is delicious but it is more bearable and as the days have gone on I have found that none taste quite so vile as the first day. I have stolen tips from all over the place.)
Morning hot vanilla shake whisked with coffee (although I am going to change this to chocolate whisked with coffee).
Lunch hot chicken soup with black pepper (I read somewhere that is allowed, if not someone will I am sure correct me)
Evening hot chocolate
As a change I change the chocolate with strawberry and always have this ice cold.
I actually don't think it matters how much more water you use to make the drink, at the beginning I used the minimum cos I thought the less to get down the better but now I add a bit more. It does recommend to drink water before and after the meal anyway.
Oh another thing I made a horrible mistake of making a mousse out of the strawberry one on day 2 OMG what an awful dreadful mess that was!
Keep persevering!!
Ooh, I tried making mousse and it was a disaster. I just couldn't get the lump out of it and had to force myself to eat it - it wasn't pleasant. I've been having the shakes ice cold and whisking them to death so they are really frothy. I have a bottle of water before the shake, then the shake, then top the shake glass up with water (for another glass of water and also to catch all the remnants of the shake - doesn't taste as nasty as it sounds and it makes it easier to wash up! ;) lol )

I might try my last shake tonight a hot vanilla with coffe one - that sounds yummy! :)
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Hi everyone, I'm about to ave the chicken soup. Can you please tell me any hints to get it down as I've read really really bad things about the soup???

Thanks in advance!
a friend of the family who was on LT said mix it cold then heat it in a pan!
Not sure why it tastes better... but it does make you feel like you're having proper soup as you're heating it in a pan!

My chemist didn't have any chicken soup so will have to wait a whole week before i have to try it! hehe
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I'm not on LT, but same goes for the LL packs.. for some reason they just don't dissolve properly when theyre mixed with hot water... mix it up with cold and then heat it and they taste alot better :)