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Any tips on how to stay in control on holiday?


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Hi All,

On 4th October I am going to an amazing 5* Ultra All Inclusive in Turkey for two weeks for my 10th wedding anniversary. I am REALLY really worried now as I've been messing about for a few weeks now and I'm still not at goal. Back on 810 in earnest this week in a hope to reach it before we go.

However, whenever we've been AI I usually go right off the rails. For example, the last time we did two weeks I put on 17lbs! :eek:

I really don't want to do that again and I suppose I'm panicking a wee bit. The hotel has an amazing gym and I intend to try and get myself a gym habit while I'm there and go for an hour a day. Its going to be so hard not to lie on my fat backside all day on a sunlounger and just read books and eat (which is what I usually do). I'll also try and do a fair bit of swimming and will no doubt spend some time running up and down the waterslides with ds.

Anyone have any more tips for damage limitation? I was going to try and low carb but I don't think I'll manage it :rolleyes: I KNOW the temptation will get the better of me lol.

So go on, share your minimum holiday weight gain stories with me and make me feel better! please! :D
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Hey there, I tend to gain huge amounts when I go on holiday too. I just had a week away and gained 3lb (gone after 2 days back on SS+ on my return). For me the best thing that helped was avoiding my triggers.... turns out chocolate and alcohol don't tend to bother me, but pastas and bread will send me spiralling.... I imagine you might have an idea which foods do this to you. Why not try avoiding them? Not starting to eat them is SO much easier than having a bit and then wanting a whole lot more. Not sure if this is good advice for everyone - after all we're here to learn about balance and moderation. But for me, I recognise some foods give me crazy bad cravings that just aren't worth it... hope this helps x
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I hope someone can come up with a solution for you scottishmum :)

I cant help at all as for me, a holiday...is just that..a holiday in every shape and form :D plenty of time to ss when you get back

Dont listen to me though im naughty :D


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S: 13st0lb C: 9st2lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 3st12lb(29.67%)
Lol Mrs Essex, you are indeed Naughty! ;) I don't want to have to ss when I come back again :(

Contrary you have hit the nail totally on the head! My triggers unfortunately are ANY kind of carbs lol. The minute I have some, I'm like a carb vampire. I crave more and more and can't stop till I'm a blimp again. I'm just going to have to find some self control from somewhere aren't I? And then burn off any excesses. Its about I screwed the nut and applied this principle overall anyway. :D

Maybe if I'm sensible, I'll just gain a few pounds and not the 17lbs I did before. That was due to the chocolate fountain in the restaurant and copious pints of Sangria though lol.
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I went away on a full board holiday and did stick to low carb on the buffet - I just took it one day at a time and thought 'I can forego the croissants/pastries/bread for this meal' and (to my surprise) did that all of the way through the holiday as I'm a gannet for carbs too. I came back only 2lbs up, having previously been to Florida and come back 18lbs up in 2 weeks (amateurs - THAT'S how it's done :D)
We all work hard for our holidays so don't deny yourself too much or beat yourself up if you do endulge. For a special anniversary, you want to enjoy yourself, not spend the time worrying so just try taking it in moderation
Have a fab time


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S: 13st0lb C: 9st2lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 3st12lb(29.67%)
Thanks for your input boardwitless, its good to know it can be done. You obviously ate as much in Florida as I did in the Costa Del Sol, lol. I can't believe I managed to put on so much weight, by the end of the second week I literally had an elasticated waist gypsy skirt that fitted me and a pair of 3/4 jog pants (also with elastic waist) lol. I'd like to think those days are gone now, but you never know with me once I get some carbs in my gob! :D


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Hey hon..
Awww how exciting ....... I bet you cannot wait to go away...
Well, I can tell you what I did but you have to do whats right for you.
We came back from Turkey last week we also went to a 5* all inclusive in Turkey.... where are you staying??
I did take my products with me..
I always had breakfast a healthy one, and then lunch I had a salad and fruit and then a healthy dinner.. I had more fruit than I usually do.
I said to myself I would have an icecream at the end of the holiday which I did and it was yummy.
I came back 1 pound heavier and it was totm the day after I got back.. so really I lost it again.
I did water areobics every day and had the best holiday and I realised holidays arent all about stuffing your face and you can have a good time without doing so.......... You can eat but just go for the healthy options..
I know everyones views are different but this is what I wanted to do. Hope that helps hon and Happy 10th Anniversary .. its mine next year!! xx
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hiya,i came back from all inclusive hol in turkey 2 weeks ago, went off plan ,didnt go really mad, but enjoyed it.result 12lb on!! i could feel every lb! but back to ss next day and got back into ketosis quickly and lost the 12lb gain in 1 wk! so it can come off as easy as it goes on! i think you must enjoy your holiday dont go mad and then deal with it if you can trust yourself when you return. but also hats off to curlywurly and others who manage to sole source whilst away, its a personal thing and hols only come once a year for most of us so enjoy..... which resort/hotel are you going to? i was at lara beach it was amazing and hope to go back next year (at target lol)


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S: 13st0lb C: 9st2lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 3st12lb(29.67%)
Hi Curlywurly and Lifetimeloser, thanks heaps to both of you for your advice. I'm going to the Royal Wings in Lara Beach :D I sooooooooooooooooooo cannot tell you how excited I am.

I think I am just going to take each day as it comes. If I can be good like you Curly then I will, if not, then LL you've got the right idea. I think if you get right back on the wagon when you get back then it comes straight off again. I think the prob is when you have an extended holiday mode. I have been slipping into it for weeks now and I really need to stop it :D

Where abouts where you Curly? Saw your photos and you look AMAZING!!!!! Where in Lara Beach where you LL? Did you go to the Sandland thing?

Thanks again for all your advice.

C xxx
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Hey C, just another thought - I saw my CDC the day after my return from holiday (to prevent extended holiday mode!). I have found it rather hard getting back on track so very glad that I did, otherwise would have been worse! Day 4 today x
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Hi Scottish Mum, how lovely your holiday sounds - Lucky thing.

I would mirror everything everyone has said. Avoid all the starchy foods breads potatoes etc. All these lovely hotels have incredible salads so have plenty of those on your plate and pick some sensible protein choices chicken turkey fish etc. If you feel the need for a dessert then pick the lowest fat choice available like fruits etc. The weight for me would go on with alcohol too so i would try stick to white spirits such as vodka and soda and alternate with water. Drink lots and lots of water as you may retain some because of the heat.

Swim plenty and have a great time. I know we all go with good intentions of behaving but sometimes will power stays in the uk with us. Enjoy yourself and just think before you eat to make wiser choices.

If you do end up eating the wrong things don't beat yourself up too much if you SS or SS+ again it will come off in no time at all.

I am sooooo very jealous hee hee only 3 weeks to mine xxx
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hi scottishmum, i went two hotels down from royals wings called the concorde de luxe it was amazing! our rep told us that royal wings was even better than ours! so you are in for a real treat! theres lots of rich russians in the hotels, sandland looked good but my boring family didnt want to go! if you go to shops on lara beach make sure you barter as they will try to con you!!!! have a fab time and let us know how you enjoy it, bon voyage

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