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Any tips on making up the soups

Making up the soups

Sorry I meant to say I only had the shakes. The taste was ok but fancied trying new flavours in the soups. I lost 1stone in 3 weeks last year. Hopefully I can stick to this plan longer. I've 3 to 4 stone to loose.xx


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I find a balloon whisk the best method. Just add a little water at a time and whisk as you go. Tends to get the majority of the lumps out.

A bit of salt, pepper, herbs and spices also helps. Just experiment and find what you prefer.


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Hi Karenn, welcome to Exante.

I can't comment on LT products because I have never been on LT. I have been on CD a few times though and find Exante soups a lot thicker than CD (shakes too). I make mine up with 450ml of water and they are fine for me. I don't add any sauces etc but I do like coarse ground black pepper on them which is unusual becasue I don't usually like pepper!

Anyway, like Joanne said, it's just trial and error.


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I use a hand blender to mix mine up and use about 400mls of water.
Just had the tomato and basil soup. I mixed it in the blender. Omg the taste and texture was awful. I was gagging whilst I was eating. I added salt and pepper still awful. I think the texture didn't help a thick frothy nasty taste. Next time I think I'll just use a whisk to see if this helps with texture. Just worried as it's my first day and I've bought a months supply so I have to have a soup a day. I had the strawberry shake this morning and that was ok. Hope I can do thisxxx
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I hated the soups at first, but have been adding loads (and I mean loads) of ground chilli flakes and black pepper and now I'm actively enjoying them.

I also use a wee electric whisk, only drawback is slightly frothy texture.
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I'm in the same boat! i bought a month's supply and I can't stand the tomato and basil soup. The other ones I can just about bear if I add 400ml+ of water, salt and pepper to mask the taste. I think after this month I'm going to buy another bumper pack but buy extra shakes separately so I don't have to have the tomato and basil. I find if I add enough pepper, salt and water the other ones all taste the same which is good enough for me!! I'm on day 7 of Exante today and I've lost 8lbs (and it's totm) so that's giving me the thinspiration to carry on.


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yuk If I added 400mls of water it would make twice the amount, taking twice as long to eat and I couldnt stomache that lol! I use a blender, theres no lumps and I eat the froth first to get it out the way! Tomato and basil is rank but I didnt find mushroom too bad :)
well i use 200ml water max... i put a tiny bit of water in and mix that with a fork... until its like a hard paste.. then slowly add more and more water whist using my fork... then sit and leave it for 5 minutes and it turns thicker!


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I add a little cold water to the bottom of a tall blender cup, then the powder, and whisk it a little.

I top it with lots of extra boiling water and a good splash of Encona Hot Pepper Sauce (it doesn't contain citric acid like some others). I may also add a little fresh chopped herbs, e.g. few basil leaves to the tomato soup. The hot pepper sauce covers some of the more yukky flavours of the soup.

I use an electric wand whisk to whizz it up. It makes up about 400-500ml soup. I let it sit for a few minutes before eating as it seems to thicken a bit.


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I'm not a big fan of the tomato soup, it's quite different to the other 3, which I think are all much tastier, creamier etc. I tend to make them up in a really large mug and just use a spoon / fork to stir (lots of stirring!), I tend to use the soups for my lunch at work, as easy to make up like that. I think it's probably more than the 250mls I use, I've never measured it though.
Hope you find the other soups tastier :)
The tomato is quite good disguised with some tabasco!
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I use 300 - 400ml cold water add the powder use a blender or now just use the aerolatte. Being careful not to lift above surface as this will make in frothy. Stick in micro bout 2mins. I heat the veg slowly in a saucepan.

Good Luck.
ps I've also found that my tastes fluctuate so if I don't particularly like something won't force myself but will find that in the next month I might quite fancy it. Love hate between the Tomato and Thai chicken. :)

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