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Any tips on speeding up weight loss ?


anyone got any tips that can help me get loose some of these last few pounds ?

Have been up and down these past few weeks, and seem to be 'sticking'.

I stick to my points, and am using a treadmill at least 4 times a week, plus a good walk on a weekend.

I am hoping to go away to Cyprus in 5 weeks and really would love to be 7lbs down by then.

I know they say not to cut points but am tempted to drop a couple a day ??

Any advice would be welcome. Thank you :)
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I don't think dropping points will work hon, sorry :-(

I would go back to basics - 100% tracking, weighing, measuring etc. In fact retake the quiz to make sure you are on the right points. Maybe even try fast start or one of the plans in the magazine.

Changing your exercise routine would be good - can you try swimming, cycling or jogging? Apparently the body gets used to what you are doing and doesn't have to work as hard, therefore you burn less cals. If you already jog, change it up - eg jog slowly for 5 mins then flat out as fast as you can for 1 min and keep doing this for say half an hour. I am no expert, this just my suggestions!

Good luck xx
Hi Hon

I used to be a weightwatchers leader and many of my members experienced the same problem as they were getting close to goal.

The advice you have been given is spot on, but also, take a look at the foods you are eating - the body does get used to what you are doing so mix it up a little. I always recommended that my members take a look at the weeks meal planner in the magazine and follow that for a week, introduce new foods, try something different - worked every time.

Hope this helps, good luck and keep us posted on your weight loss this week.

Sammylou x


Wanting Is The Key
yes review ur food intake, just in fear that its size has altered. look at ur exercise try to get more done in the same time frame. Its trail n error but I am sure u will arrive on ur journey mate> Good luck

thanks for the advice. Sorry havent been able to reply earlier....things just a bit manic at moment.

Am pretty strict with my food, but think could do with changing things and having some new items wouldnt hurt...as its so easy to stick to the same ones that you know.

So going to do that and see what happens. :D

The exercise thing is hard, as hubby and I work for ourselves so hours and that are all over the place. I used to be member of a gym but had to give that up and resorted to stashing a treadmill in spare room at work so can sneak in a quiet spot and get some exercise in that way!

I know these last few pounds are going to be the hardest to get rid of, but determined to finally do it.

Just bought some new work trousers....whooohooo....next size down, am so chuffed. :D:D:D Its amazing how the little things in life give so much pleasure. LOL


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