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Any tips please?


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I take my shakes so far at 9.30 ... 4ish... then il prob take my next at 8 cus im in wrk till 10
i tend to use 260ml of water jus above the min which is 240 im only on it 3days .. i find the choc the nicest and strawberrys ok I know i wouldint like the soup r vanilla lol

wow u plan to stay oon lipotrim till dec !! im only on it for 2months then im on hols and on re-feed well depending on what size/weight i am by mid june hopefully ill be a size r too down

hope u get on good with it hun xx


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Thanks for the advice Annie - I dont really know when I'll be on it til or if my goals are realsitic! I wont really know that til I get into it. I need to lose 93lb's to be a healthy bmi. I'm not even sure if this is achievable as I'm very broad, muscular etc. I head to OZ on 13th Dec so will have to be on re-feed of some sort by then anyway.
I'm just going to take each day as it comes initially.

Good Luck with it Annie - how have you found it so far?

Any more tips.
Im starting tomorrow too - just wanted to say good luck!


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Hi MrsN. And welcome to the forum. Heres hoping you have a good first day! The first week is the hardest but when you have your first weigh in it gives you the motivation for the second week :) Just make sure you have water as well as your shakes. they say between 3 to 4 litres (thats including your water in your shakes) daily. maybe have a glass of water before each shake, and if you feel hungry or get the urge to eat, have a glass then. You will get into a routine after a while. If your having a bad day/moment, come on here and share with the rest of us, we have all been there lol that does help too. :) keep us posted with your progress. Good Luck :) xx
hope you're getting on ok! my advice:

  • take the shakes when you're hungry - i use about 270ml water.
  • carry water with you at all times! you should drink at least 2 litres pure water a day then additional water is in your shakes and black tea/coffee.
  • its doable to be on it for that long - I did may - december last year no dramas. ok so its tough but healthy!
  • you will get dizzy if you stand up too quickly once you get into it
  • you will find yourself exhausted to start with, but then you get a surge of energy which lasts for the rest of the diet!
  • you will find yourself doing things you dont normally do to distract yourself - most of us lipotrimmers have the most sparklingly clean and tidy homes in an attempt to stay away from the fridge!
  • you have to work out mini goals and mini rewards for yourself. i lost 127lbs last year and rewarded myself every 20lbs.
  • enjoy this time!! its guaranteed weight loss (if you stick to it) and it's the quickest way i know!! you've hit your goal and be soooo chuffed with yourself! you may do what i do and kick myself for not doing it sooner but hey - its all a learning curve!

good luck babe xxx


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i have 300ml of water plus crushed ice to make it more milkshakey and thicker, its alot nicer :) . hope you do well :)

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