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Any tips to help me stop thinking about food?

I have just Completed two weeks on exante. I'm getting use to the soups now. At first I was gagging on the soups. Now I can stomach them but don't really like them. Love the bars and shakes.
I don't feel hungry but at times long for food. I have eaten out twice and brought my bars with me. The trouble I have is when I smell food cooking I want to have something to eat. I have not eaten anything and have stuck to the plan 100%.

Plus when I watch the tv and see cookery programs this makes me think about eating. On the whole I go to bed thinking of food and wake up thinking of food.

Does This obsession go in time? Or do you have any tips to help please? Sorry for ranting on.
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I found my obsession tailed off after about 10 days but to stave it off I kept looking at nice clothes I am going to fit into very soon if I stick to this diet. Already my clothes are starting to look better and I just keep thinking about when I get to my ideal weight I can have all the foods I'm wanting now but they're going to taste so much better without a large helping of guilt on the side!!!
Thanks florakitty, I'm going on holiday at the beginning of may and I would like to loss two stone by then. I'll keep reminding myself how uncomfortable I felt last year when I went away.

Hopefully the obsession will stop soon. Just want to go out and wear what I want without feeling conscious about my weight.!
That's the spirit :) Keep thinking about what a goddess you'll look on holiday and think about this every time you want food! Just think about all the lovely food and drink you can have on holiday looking stunning as you have it!
I seem to notice food adverts and people eating sooooo much more !! Yesterday was my first day, and I guess it's that you always want what you can't have!! The best consolation is that what we all want is to be healthier and slimmer and we CAN get that!!! x
I start tomorrow and I know I will be thinking about food all the time because I do when I'm on conventional diets. But this is the biggest I have ever been and I am determined to do this diet as you lose weight quicker than with conventional diets. When I think about food I'm just going to think about when the summer comes and I should look reasonable by then but at the moment I'm 18 stone 2 so a long way to go. Just keep thinking of your holiday. Lisa
I agree with Florakitty -to a large extent it passes and the diet just becomes "something you do" - but it can come back and whack you over the head at any time! And when you get one of those cravings the worst thing you can do is give in to it.

Try and work out what time of day they hit you the most (for me its 5-7pm) and plan to do "something" then. I spend time chatting with friends, going swimming, just doing anything - it really helps me not to be alone at that time of day. Also I've replaced my food obsession with another one - my holidays! I research where I'm going on holiday on the internet and plan all the things we'll do when we get there. I'm trying to make them nice and active or things where I'll get to wear nice clothes and its just making me more determined than ever!

Try not to watch the food programmes too often if you can - I find they can change me from "determined to do 100% TS" to "desperate to eat" within 1/2 hour if they make nice food!
You're right that every other advert on TV is about food...hard to stomach I know. I actually don't mind too much watching food programmes as I hope one day to have a very healthy approach to food again, but that's just me. I know its tough. Last night was the worst for me, I was so craving something to eat but instead filled up a bottle of 2ltr water and filled up my glass repeatedly until it was finished. Then had a coke zero. A drastic change to my usual Saturday night let me tell you! But it's worth it, and you just have to repeat that to yourself. I too look forward to my holidays in the summer, feeling better about myself and looking better!

Stick in, you can do it.

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