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Any tips?


I re-joined SW 3 weeks ago after putting it off for ages. I've had a good couple of weeks, have lost 3.5lbs and have my 3rd WI on Monday.

BUT I have a get together with some old friends next weekend which will undoubtedly mean plenty of good food, booze and hangover food! We're staying in a hotel and haven't seen each other for over a year so I want to enjoy myself but also limit the damage. I know that if I have a ridiculous gain it will really demotivate me. So I'm after some advice..

Should I save all of my syns all week?

Any ideas for eating out when on the plan?

Any low syn booze ideas?

I'm so glad I found this site - it's really helpful when my motivation is wavering.
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Hey have a great time! I drink vodka and diet mixer when out to try and limit damage, and yes i save up syns. Good idea about trying to find out the menu before hand, if not just make sensible choices, but try not to let yourself feel deprived, also look at the big picture its only 1 night :) as for hangover food go for a SW "fry" up etc so your back on plan as best you can be the following day xx


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Some very good advice here regarding trying to find the menu online etc. You can't really go wrong if you try to choose meals that incorporate as many free foods as possible, and if you ask for any dressings or sauces on the side you can choose how much or how little of them you eat :) Remember though hun that it's been more than a year since you saw your friends, so you're going to want to have a good time without worrying too much about your weight. I personally would flexi syn the day/night, and then get straight back on track the next day. It doesn't guarantee you a loss, but at least you'll be able to enjoy yourself without worrying too much, and you'll still feel in control of your 'diet'!

Alternatively you could stick to 5 syns a day, then allow yourself the extra 70 syns for that night. Up to you hun! Most white spirits are about 2.5 syns for 25ml, although most pub measures are 35ml, so nearer 4 syns per shot! After the night out I would try to drink plenty of water all week, and eat plenty of speed and superspeed foods. Best way to limit the damage from a night out! :)

Enjoy yourself, it'll be fab to see your friends again! :) xxx


Just doing it this time
you should still have 5 syns every day ! - save the rest for the weekend.

STILL try and make good choices........I don't know about alcohol because I don't really drink (odd bottle - sorry glass of wine :eek: ) and the odd drink at Christmas, so my syns always go on food. I understand that vodka though is lower in syns - you could 'count down' from the top of your points to nil - rather than going up and that all helps towards better choices and think before synning.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Gilly x
Thanks for all your hints and tips! I tried really hard to stick to plan - found the red days easiest to follow - the SW "fry" up went down a treat 2 mornings on the trot and found that I had plently of meat choices on the menu - yummy steaks and gammon...

I stuck to vodka (in the main - don't think the shots were vodka based somehow!) and went back to class this week and have lost a pound which I am pretty pleased about - Ok it's over 2 weeks BUT it's a pound in the right direction. Thanks again x

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