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Any Tips

There's no shortage of people on here who'll give you tips Craig..you'll be inundated with help and support I promise :D

My best tip is to drink loads and loads of water. I credit my never getting headaches and not feeling hungry to the litre of water I drank from the very start...

Good luck x
Keep busy, drink water and keep logging on here.. The support and advice is amazing!!

Also, ANYTHING you want to know, just ask... We are all quite open on here considering we are strangers!! lol

Good luck x x
Hi Craig and welcome. I'm on a similar diet for 2 weeks and I echo the tip about drinking lots of water and also keep busy. Good luck!
Welcome and good luck.
Same advice Craig drink 3-4ltrs of water a day it really helps and keep logging on here everyone is so helpfull x
Water, water, water, and iced vanilla coffee yumyum (made with your shake of course)


Getting married in July!!
Hiya and welcome to the family!!

Loads of tips...as mentioned drink loads of water, stick to it no matter what!!, remember why u r doing this and use that to motivate u, maybe even write it down so that when times get hard u can look at it-i did this and it helped a lot at the start, remember that it honestly does get a million times easier as the time goes on. The first week is very tough and personally i found d first 3weeks tough but after that it became i breeze and now nearly 13weeks in i dont mind being on it at all. Experiment with your shakes and you'll find just the way u like them. Pepermint tea is nice cooled and mixed in with the choc shake. Buy a portible shaker from your pharmacy. It is a god send especially when on the go. I use mine for all my shakes. Set mini targets so that your not focused on the bigger picture which can be daunting. Take pictures of yourself from all angles before you start, parhaps in your underwear, retake these throughout the process as sometimes its easier to c the weight loss in picture than by figures alone. Do the same with your vital measurements. Reward yourself when you achieve a mini goal. Dont expect it to be easy from the start but remember that the results r fantastic!! Never and i stress never cheat!!! Ive been on here for over 3months and i hav seen a lot of people who bend the rules drop off the radar and those who do cheat and stick at it will admit that they r finding it much tougher and often struggle. Tfr is so much more than loosing weight-your retraining your brain so dont cheat, your only cheating yourself. Dont expect too much from yourself the first week, you may b a tad tired r emotional, this is so normal and will pass before the week is out. Maybe make a weight loss chart from start to goal going down in lbs or 1/2lbs (or kgs) and color it in each week i get a great kick and sence of achievement from doing this is seeing week after week how much closer im getting. Keep yourself busy for the first while-read, play video games, shower, whatever u normally enjoy but dont have time for. You'll hav more time now that u dont need to cook, shop, eat or clean dishes. Enjoy every minute of it!!

You are about to change your life forever!! It feels amazing when you step on those scales each week to hear how much you've lost, when people start to compliment you, when you start wearing smaller clothes, when u get more energy (&u will get so much more!) and when you start to do things that you havent done in years.

Come on here and ask any questions u hav and they'll get answered. This is a brill diet and you'll b so glad u did it!!! I hope ur excited cos ur about to change your life. Cant wait to hear how u get on.
Many thanks for the replies guy's and girl's
Day 2 today feeling ok anyone got any tips on making stuff taste better
and what should you get in your weekly package?
I got a mix of 14 soups and shakes
Read all the threads that you can, time consuming, but full of info.....
Thanks Sandra
How you doing ?
Looks like you are aiming to lose a similar weight to me im aiming at 4 months for my 4 stone loss!
Hope it happens
Thanks Sandra
How you doing ?
Looks like you are aiming to lose a similar weight to me im aiming at 4 months for my 4 stone loss!
Hope it happens
Yup, that's what I was aiming for but it's not going to happen as I have to have a hip replacement in two weeks! It's one of the reasons that I needed to lose weight but I hadn't realised how urgently I needed it so I'm going to run out of time! I think that I may manage 3 stone, still got 5lbs to go, and TBH that will do me nicely as I'm now a healthy weight and perhaps I was aiming too low in the first place......

As a bloke, 4 stone in 4 months is very doable! Have you decided how to cope with Xmas?

I can reiterate enough how much you need to read this forum, the people on here are fabulous and a few of the guys, Andy, Sean and Kev, have done brilliantly.....they don't witter as much as us girls either.....
Im quite a strong minded person and i run a pub so this was always going to be difficult with all the food around me!
I cooked breakfast this morning and normally i would pinch the odd sausage or rasher of bacon i did not!
Belly has just started to grumble though but i will try and hold off till at least noon before i try one one of the strawberry or chocolate shekes
Ill give them a whirl as is today and then start experimenting im not a great choclate lover so that may be hard
Next time i go to the chemist ill think i will get some bars aswell as i started getting peckish late last night

How rude of me i went of on a tangent about being strong minded and forgot to say well done and best of luck with the hip replacement
Hope all goes well for you x
Cheers Craig.....I saw your last post first anyway!

OMG running a pub and doing LT!!! that is one BIG challenge......

I can't stand the LT bars so I buy Be-YU or Exante ones online, the Be-YU are rather too moreish! but the Exante ones are really chewy and take ages to eat. Both are also TFR, I know that perhaps you shouldn't mix products from other ranges but it's helped a few of us to stick it out cos LT is boring as hell......:(

oh for scampi and chips! I'm meeting a friend in a pub for 'lunch' mine will be an Exante bar.......:sigh:
im not all that bothered at the moment, i was going out for a final supper on sunday and the place i was going to was shut so i am going to use that as something to look forward to when i get out of the otherside!
How was lunch?
Lunch was a diet coke! Passed on the bar as I just didn't fancy it.....went to M&S on the way home to stock up with protein to start my refeed/Dukan (going to do it my way, fingers crossed) so just had some cold cooked chicken. Got really full and, quite frankly found it a bit boring, it was cooked with tomato and basil.....I thought that I would be absolutely desperate to eat but I'm not! I know that I've got to eat again as I can't face a major op on LT and I'm under strict instructions from my doc to eat at least 2 weeks of protein. doubtless I'll get my appetite back in a few days but wouldn't it be good if I didn't?

I'm a bit apprehensive about eating after so many weeks of LT, so I think that I'll go and hover on the refeed section and see how the folks there coped.

How is your second day?
enjoyed the chocolate mix as a mousse today
need to try and recue the soup
im doing well at the moment but drinking lots of water!
struggled first day with the shakes they are really chalky!
However i have not yet purchased a blender to blend them properly
This afternoon i made the chocolate mix into a mousse and found that really easy to eat
I am just struggling with the green leaf tea to bland for me
I will be happy to help at any time

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