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Any vegans on the board?

Hi folks, I know there are quite a few vegetarians among us, but I was wondering if there are any vegans? I've gone vegan very recently and I'm finding it very easy, apart from the Hex A / calcium issue. I've basically stopped having Hex A because as far as I know all the options are dairy-based. I've tried soya milk/yogurt and eewww, me no likey. Is there anything else a vegan can have as Hex A?

Also, is it normal to have a bit of a weight drop down when you first go vegan? Coz I lost half a stone in the first three days. :D Haven't weighed myself again yet, but I'm assuming it's not an unheard of thing?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. :)
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I've PM'd you a list
It is normal for your weight to drop when you go vegan, especially if you're a wholefood rather than a junk food vegan. I got very into baking vegan cakes and cookies and therefore gained weight. :eek:

Try the different brands of soya milk as they all taste different. I only liked Alpro but my friends swears by tesco's own organic soy milk.

You can also have rice milk, and oat milk as a HExA.

Good luck with being vegan, and with slimming world.
Thanks so much for the help ladies, yes I'm definitely a 'healthy' vegan rather than a cake-baking one, so that might explain the sudden drop! I'm not going to weigh myself again till the end of the month, so I'll see how it's doing by then. I daresay it will have evened out.

I'm sure I saw rice milk in Sainsbury's the other day, I might give that a try. :)
Hi Elizabeth et al,

I know this is an old thread but wanted to say hello to other vegans. I was a bake your own cakes vegan (have children around) hence needing SW :)))

Well, that and serious binging problems :))

I am vegan and would love some guidance on HE / syns....I cannot find the syn values for things like sheese and cauldron sausages x
Sheese products are listed under Sheese on Syns online but we can help with anything yo're not sure about - you can even have vegan cheese as a HEB :-D
Another slimming world vegan here :)

Covonut milk has a very generous HEXA allowance, I think kara brand is like 500ml!! I like the choccy one myself, and you can have 200ml as one A choice :)
The only thing I have for the a choices are chocolate oat milk and chocolate coconut milk lol. The oat milk is lovely heated in the microwave and I have it every night before bed :)


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Non-vegan butting in here .... I love coconut milk. I do EE, would I be able to use my HeA on coconut milk? Assuming I can beat my tea with milk addiction? I'd love to have the option of having a coconut milk curry using coconut milk as my HeA (also addicted to south indian food) :)
Am not sure if it would be thick or strong enough in a curry... Reduced fat coconut milk from a tin is decent enough though and not too grim on syns if you portion wisely

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