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Any xmas gainers out there! Come join my boat

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by mariacarr1992, 4 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member

    Please tell me I'm not the only one ....
    My confession 5lb gain :(
    How's everyone else feeling because I'm feeling crappy but determined I have 7 weeks until my first wedding dress appointment I can do this

    My goal lose a stone by then xxx

    Challenges drink more bloody water
    Stop eating takeout
    Drink less
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  3. skydragon

    skydragon Silver Member

    no you are most def not alone 10 lb of xmas excess here but if you are good as gold over the next week or two it will melt away as a lot of it is water just dont let it settle in
  4. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member

    What were your naughty habits lol
    Mine was mostly drink I think
    Reading on here today and hearing people that had lost weight I was gob smacked
  5. skydragon

    skydragon Silver Member

    basically if it contained a calorie i was having it and a hell of a lot drinking,cocktails are not known to be clever for the waist (which i suspect was the biggest culprit) but do you what it was so much fun.

    must admit big up to the folks who didn t gain/lost but i had one of the best Christmas s and wouldn t change it so i ll roll with the punches

    best of luck with the wedding fitting take your time and try on loads of diff styles cause sometimes its the unexpected that becomes the firm fave.
  6. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member

    You know your not the first person to say that
    About the dress unexpected thing x which I thinks cool.... Yeah I'm gonna go in with the mindset of an empty book open to all suggestions x
    Good way of thinking: about the whole Xmas thing as well
    How long have you been on sw and what was the reason for if you don't mind me asking x
  7. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    Although I as one of the lucky ones, and had a loss of 1.5WI hadn't been for 2 weeks, and I'd had a gain of 5.5lbs week before Christmas (more partying, meals out and general over indulgence)

    Don't sorry about any gains, it's all part of life, and once back on track will do a runner
    In our class, our C gave us the stats

    40 weighers = total 4lb loss and 141lb gain.
    the biggest gain, advised by the person concerned ( not the C) was 13.5lb

    Good luck girls
  8. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member

    Wow well done x I just got weighed ane left think it was a drop in session for newbies im on a mission to lose this 5lbs this week x

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  9. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    Good luck for that - you need that determination
    We think that next WI (Thurs) will have loads of newbies, purely as loads of mags / newspapers are doing free membership vouchers
    We will be having a whole group newbie talk - good idea, as its so easy to become complacent after a while, and I think it reminds us why we are there in the 1st place, and we get our initial enthusiasm back
  10. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member

    How long have you been doing sw
    Would you share your story
    I enjoy hearing peooles different takes and experiences x

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  11. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    Hi mariacarr1992,

    I have just joined on here after being an avid reader of everyone's diaries, recipes, stories etc on here for far too long!!

    You are definitely NOT alone in gainaing over Christmas, like skydragon and Debridger have said. I am going to rejoin SW this week for the 4th time :)(( ), having regained every pound I lost last time and more, I estimate an embarrassing 7-8 pound gain over Xmas hols! :eek:

    I am enjoying reading your thread so far and am in a similar boat with regards losing the holiday excesses, and like you, my biggest downfall has been the booze, particularly knowing that I didn't have to get up for work over the hols! Oh that and chocolate and crisps too!

    Good luck and keep posting. :)

    Becky xx

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