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Anybody else's waist refusing to shrink with the rest of their body?

When I lost weight the last time my waist was still a problem, I looked a bit like a sparrow as massive tum and slim legs. However it was a lot better than when I had started the diet.
Yet on cd my waist has only gone down a few inches despite losing 3 and a half stone. Just went to try on some old clothes, but my waist and tummy just make everything look wrong! Feel like I'm going to end up dressed in very long tops,clown pants and flarey skirts.
As I have said I have previously lost a lot of weight, then regained and had a c-section(re-gained mostly after c-section).
Is it just me or does anyone else find the waist/tum very reluctant to shift?
I reckon if I got to 6stone the smallest jeans size I would squeeze into would be a 14 !:mad:
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Yes I am having the same thing at the moment although I know I have lost quite a bit across my back as bras which wouldn't meet across my back now fit fine.
I am presuming that at some point body shape will catch up and body fat will redistribute itself in the right proportions.
I think the same as above, I know that I had a very odd shape towards the end of another diet, a small waist but big around the hips, then it really did even out.
Refuse to believe onlyme!'s description of potato with cocktail sticks - infact it's made me think of a nice buffet with spicy potato wedges, lol!


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I was the same, though still cannot profess to have stickman legs. My tum was the last to go though and it reduced with every pound in the last stone (or maybe less).

It's also the first to return. Just 3 or 4lbs on really shows, but makes a good reminder for me to think about what I'm eating...and down it goes again :)


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Hi Mrs T - when I read your thread title, I said to myself "welcome to my world!" lol I too loose it everywhere, but my waist tyre and boobies and standing their ground and refusing to budge :(
Clothes are a nightmare to buy atm, like you say - everything looks wrong. I have lost 5 stone and I have another 3 to go - I think my belly weighs 3 stone alone, so I'm hoping that's where it will come off!

I've looked into all sort, exercises, firming creams (although firminater by soap and glory is fab for tightening the loose skin I'm seeing arrive on that area!)

I just say to myself - persevere - it's got too come off eventually and when it does - party time!!! (I've never not had a belly, so celebrations will be in order when it at long last disappears!)

Hugs x x x


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i've got the opposite problem, my waist is 32 inches and my hips feel like theyre about twice that! if i get trousers that fit my thighs and hips theyre really gapey at the waist, grrrr.....
Ladies,thank you soooo much for your replies,I get frustrated sometimes with my cdc as she always saying this diet is great for changing your shape and I keep telling her that I am only finding my shape altering like it did on my own hellish diet/exercise regime in 2000. I have also stopped her measuring me weekly as I'm more motivated by my BMI for Master T to have a healthy mummy. I have never measured myself apart from bra fittings in my life, and find the measurements an unpleasant and demoralising experience.
My cdc is also always telling me how great this diet is for my skin,but I firmly told her yesterday I still have (like I always have slim or fat) breakouts of problem skin and am afraid cd is not giving me a super complexion,but great weight loss results which is the reason I went on it.
Are cdc's given a sales blag where they have to keep telling you how this diet gives you super skin and an amazing shape,because the fact that this isn't happening to me ,yet I keep on being given the script makes me feel pants and highly irritated. AAAH sorry I have a big chest so lots to get off it! Rant over now:D
Well Minx,guess we are never happy with our own body shapes. Maybe Gok could help me...I know I mention him a lot but I just love him. He should be put on the new years honours list: Sir Gok:D


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Mrs T - The more you write the more you sound like me! lol I have always had problem skin (my chin area mainly) I've been on CD since April and I still have terrible acne. I tend to get 3 to 4 spots that come up all at once. It's very embarrassing and confidence knocking isn't it? I really sympathise. I find creams, gels and washes do not work for me, I have tried every make - even going as far as trying American ones. No joy there either. I would happily pop a pill each day if it meant my spots would go away. I'm 24 ffs!!! I look like a teenager. :( It really gets me down tbh. But like you I am doing CD for my weight issues, and I'm more than happy that my weight is going down. I guess everyone has their flaws. Just wish mine weren't on my face!! GRRRR!
taurus, maybe when we're all skinnyminnies we can do a naked minimins cd calander and gok can film it for his show. bangers, yay!!!! :banana dancer:
Minx,now I know why your called Minx!! Think my Gok thing is turning into love!
Emma P, Dianette (brand of the pill) taken for 3 months then a break for a week really helped my skin,but sadly developed focal migraines after been on it for years so can't take it any more. If you haven't tried it read up on it and ask your doc. Luckily I'm an expert with the cover up stick now x

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