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Anybody had a colposcopy?


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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct section to be posting in, but here goes:

I'm 22 years old and I'm a student in Wales, so I had my first smear at 21 (should have went at 20, but put it off for a bit), and it came back as abnormal. I had another one six months later, which was normal, but they asked me to go back for another one in six months to check again. The third smear was in February and it's come back as abnormal again, with the results showing moderate dyskariosis and I've been referred to hospital for a colposcopy.

Has anybody had one of these done before? I'm a bit worried about it as my doctor told me it is quite likely that I'll need some kind of treatment for abnormal cells, and I've heard it can be uncomfortable and a bit painful.

I'd love to hear anybody's experiences of this procedure to calm my nerves, as my appointment is on Tuesday and I'm a bit scared!

Thanks :)
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Hey hun I've never had one myself but my mum had one 2 weeks ago and she was terrified!
But when she got there they gave her a light sedative before the procedure and mum said that's all she remembers coz she kinda nodded off!

So hopefully it'll be like that for you too :)


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Thanks for that! My appointment is later on this afternoon and I'm really worried, but you've calmed me down a bit now :)


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i think my mums having one tmoro and shes quite nervous, but yeah they do sedate you, you have to take some sachets of this lemon stuff to clear you out the day before and shes been on the loo all day!! aww i hope your okay emma x


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Yeah I was going to say, I didn't have any lemon stuff and I wasn't sedated! A colposcopy is a camera into the cervix, did you mean a colonoscopy, Jude?

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