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Anybody here go BRIGHT RED when exercising?


When I exericise I go the brightest shade of red you could ever imagine. It is so very embarrasing. There is no cure for it but I just wondered whether anybody else knows of anything that could help me?

It makes me so self conscious that I shy away from exercise. I think people will judge me for being overweight but thats not the reason I go red, i used to go red when I was thin when i was young. It really controls my life.

I know it will never go away but I think I wouldn't feel so self conscious if i was thin and red faced. But its a vicious circle because how do I motivate myself to go to the gym or exercise when I'm so self conscious.

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Hi hun,

Yep I also go very red when excercising. I also blush when I'm embarrased, hot, upset....etc,etc. I feel that this has dominated my life and still does even though I've lost nearly 10 stone.

I realise now that I have no control over the redness when excercising as my skin tone is very pale and I have naturally high colouring on my face. However, during the working day I do not suffer so much with the blushing as I have more control over it these days.

Just wanted to post to say you're not alone, and even though I've no words of wisdom on reducing the redness during excercising, just keep going with it and use it as a sign that you're pushing your body hard which in turn burns the calories.

I bet no one even notices what you look like when you're excercising as they're too busy looking at themselves!

Keep up the good work.
I'd say sod what everyone else thinks! You're out there exercising not sat on the sofa at home eating so who cares what colour you go? There's no cure for it so get on with it and enjoy your workouts, if you keep repeating this to yourself it will help when you think everyone is staring at you even though they're not. I used to think everyone in the gym was watching me but I realised that they're all too busy with the hell they're going through to worry about what you're doing.
Thankyou both for your replies. Its comforting to know i'm not alone in experiencing this. I'm going to try the affirmations/positive thinking and see how i go.

I think you are right, i have a real hang up about people watching me but they are probably too busy doing there own thing!
I am so glad I stumbled upon this thread!

I was honestly starting to believe it was just me since it happens to none of my friends, but, I go BRIGHT red when I'm hot, embaressed, cold, exercising!!!

Then my friends go "you're so red!" and it makes it worse! :rolleyes:
your not alone in this even when young slim and extremly fit I would still go the colour off beetroot after 5 mins and my young fit daughter is the same. Its just the way it is...

Now if you have a cure for a runny nose while exercising please let me know as that is really annoying!!!

I just wanted to say that yep I'm the same.

I go bright red as well when exercising, mostly just my arms and neck tho - saying that can't see my face when am exercising so that might be beetroot as well!!
Hi i'm the same, I go bright red too.
But I expect you are more conscious of it than everyone else.
Try not to let it stop you exercising, I am hoping when I more fit it won't be as bad.
Could you exercise at home??
Have you got wii fit or any exercise dvds??

When I worry about going red it tends to make it worse whether i'm exercising or not.
I use clinique redness solution powder and green cream sometimes, (can't remember the actual product names) expensive but for me worth it.
i go pretty red when exercising and my daughter who isnt over weight and is a size 12 also goes bright red shes worse than me i think lol
When I exercise all my make-up runs, my hair goes all sweaty and all my skins goes red, ahaa. I guess it's all this a part of the process? My friend also goes really red when she exercises, come to think about it - the majority of them do! Don't worry about it, trust me it's nothing. :)
:eek:I can go red even if i think..............aaggghhh i am bright red sat here now just talking about going red. I have spent half my life looking embarrassed!! when i exercise it is really bad, my 11 yr old son is the same when he is hot or exercises and loves sports but i wish people wouldn't keep saying OOOHH look at his face is he okay? then laughing!! :mad: he is starting to get a complex..... why do people think it is okay to comment i would never say gosh you have a big nose ect..........maybe i should start!! then maybe they would go red lol :D


Les Mills Fitness Freak
i go red too, and look like been swimming i get that sweaty, but alot of people do!
me me me!!! i go red AND blotchy....its just beautiful.....and it has always happened to me even when i was slim and fit!
its to do with your skin sensitivity/peripheral vascular activity/blood flow etc etc etc!!!! i jsut dont look in the mirror anymore - what i dont know cant hurt me lol!
yep i do too. its a famil trait as my sister and mum get very red too. nothing you can do about it, just dont let it control your life and get on with it, dont worry about it. i dont think anyone in the gym would care as everyone is too busy focusing on themselves to really notice anyone else.
I do but I don't mind, it's a sign that I'm doing a great workout:p
I do too! We must be special!
It's hard when you see those stick like thin people on the running machine who have probably done 10 miles when you are walking on the machine and have done about 1 and they don't even look as if they've broken a sweat, whilst you are bright red.
I don't think they really take any notice as they are too focused on what they are doing themselves, so I wouldn't let it bother you.
Just be proud of yourself that you're there in the first place!
Good luck.

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