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Anybody used Bio Oil?


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I used it on scars that i got from a burn and it done the job, also worked on my daughters scars that she got from blisters from an egg allergy. I highly recommend it.


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Thank you :) I will definetly give this a try then ! xx


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I used it for fading a scar, but I got impatient and stopped using it, must get back on it now.


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I use it on surgery scars and even on my triceps, inner thighs and hips.. to prevent too many stretch marks as I'm exercising and losing weight. The traces left on my hands I use on my face to help with the odd pink/red acne/pimple scars I have on my chin.. I love this stuff!
I use bio oil religiously!! I was huge while pregnant and have noooo makes in my belly!! Then I had an ugly scar on my chin, nit anymore... Now I'm using it on a burn scar on my arm, working wonderfully!! I recommend this to everyone!!


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Bio oil is pretty awesome stuff like.....I've used it on both stretch marks and scars....bit pricey though!

I find Palmers Coco butter is REALLY good for stretchmarks and skin blemishes....and its cheaper!

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200% yes yes yes! So glad I saw this thread - used to get through a bottle of this in a month alone, really made me want to start again!!!
Buy buy buy!!


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EllieWood said:
does it work on old stretch marks. I had them for as long as I can remember due to being larger when I was younger. also, how long would you say it takes for them to start fading?

Ellie Bio Oil does eliminate old stretch marks, it takes a couple of months of daily use but it's so worth it! It worked for me really well, you'll be glad you tried it!

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I've used it in the past but didn't notice any difference , ,maybe using it as directed might have helped:eek:

I saw a post on another site about a stretch mark cream costing £1 from the pound shop! I'm not sure where the pound shop is but what a great price as i've noticed problem skin products are ridiculously priced although you can find good deals for Bio Oil online.

Hi hun - this was the one I was using! I'm not joking it was JUST as good.. and I actually felt it was soaked up a bit quicker and not as oily on my hands.
However, went to the pound shop to get a few (more like five :p) bottles and they'd all gone :S so don't know if they do it anymore.. however... this version that I got from the pound shop you can buy in superdrug and body care, and it's still cheaper than bio oil (just not a pound :p)

It's called rescue oil, the box is very similiar!

Is it just me, or does it help with cellulite too? I think so!


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i tried both bio oil and rescue oil. used it before i got stretch marks (cuz i was pregnant) but i still got them, and also still using both now. i still have stretch marks not sure how bad they would have been if wasnt using both these though


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Happy Holidays said:
On another thread someone posted Bio Oil is in Aldi @ £3.99. Sounds a good price if you are thinking of trying it, you've not lost much if you're not happy with it.;)

Yeah Aldi had it a couple of times as a special but it's not a regular listing.


thanks for this guys i need to get me some!! xx


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Look like I am taking a trip to the pound shop today :) thanks

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Hi sorry been a long time since I replied ! Thank you for all your replies ! I will definetly start using this religiously !