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Anyone about?

I'm feeling really hungry :(

I'm not going to eat, I know I'm not, but still doesn't help the feeling :(

i split my evening shake into 2, so ive still half to make up soon, but i know i'll still be hungry going to bed.

I find evenings really hard, i always ate alot in the evening.

My stomachs not used to not being full, i always filled it up :(

its very odd.
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stay with us!!! :)) I am identical to you!!! Evenings are the worst time for me, magnified by 100 compared to the daytime I think! I have it down in sections now, get thru till the OH is home, then get thru dinner, then gte the kids ready for bed and then in bed for 7pm. By the time I have tidied round and caught up with OH its 8pm.. and I then make it worth his while by telling him to go on his new PS3 game while I go and watch telly upstairs! I find by being upstairs and away from my usual place in the living room that I think about foood much less - PLUS i get to watch what I want to on my own telly upstairs!!! ;) its not sociable but he understands how I feel so its ok!!! have a pamper and have an early night, hot water bottle, fluffy socks and sexy wynsiette (sp??) pjs to keep ya warm! PMSL! xx
:D thats what Im planning on doing!

i tend to just read though as the babys still in our room and it wakes him up if i put the telly on.

I had really bad habbits for so long, I'd just wanter in the kitchen and fill a plate with junk or order food in... its so hard to go from that to this!!!

I'm sticking with you though, ;)