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Anyone around 10 stone and fancy a mini competition?

G: 9st3lb

So as my posts have shown i am stuggling with a capital S...but i dont want to keep harping on about it and moaning and look like i want sympathy!! I want to try and do everything possible to motivate myself for the last stretch-trying everything now!!!

So was wondering if anyone is around the same weight and fancy a bit of a challenge- another incentive!
Anything to help me stay motivated and lose this second half of my weight as got a feeling its going to be a lot harder than the first!

I have 4 weeks tomorrow till my week with the girls and 26 days now till my massive shopping spree....

Well if anyone does fancy this let me know...either Pm or on here :)

Daisy xxxx
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G: 9st3lb
Thank you dancing!!
Are you a night owl too i presume!


Silver Member
I'm 10 stone in my dreams LOL!

Good luck to you,

Louale x
G: 9st3lb
Thank you Louale!!
G: 9st3lb
Dancing dont be silly!
Obviously just a lot more stamina and less need of sleep...! I cant often sleep for more than 6 hours a night myself!

Yes Seaneen!! Ive got a rival ;) haha...just joking but the race is on poppet lol...

Well done on your loss!!!xxxx


I will get to goal .....
.... eh hum!!

Have you deserted me hunni!!!!

Only joking sweetie ;):D

I'm still here 100% for you chick - you're doing great. Hang in there and just picture yourself wearing the dress :D:)

G: 9st3lb
Dobbie! I could never dessert you haha! Just your too far ahead of me to catch up! lol....I need to start neck and neck with someone!
Found it bloody hard but this 28 day landmark has kicked me into action! Ill show that shallow little *******!! lol...(my ex just in case your confuzzled!!)
You have been long for ages! How was your easter?!
S: 11st13lb C: 11st13lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oh daisy you're so norty! lol

I'll start back on SS next week Really can't be bothered this week. I am working out loads though:)

Daisy are you on Facebook? I can kick ya bum on there haha xxxx


I will get to goal .....
Easter was very cool thanks hun. Spent loads of time with my lovely BF and the puppies (aww bless them) and didn't really do a lot. Have to confess that I started 810 on Sunday.

Started to feel a bit wobbly food wise on SS+ on Sunday and my SS+ losses were getting quite slow so decided to move up rather than risk falling off completely - all that chocolate in the house and it's my weakness :rolleyes:. To be fair with my BMI now I should really be on 1000 but need to get a whole 810 week in first. Fingers crossed it helps me shift a bit more as I can up the CV at the gym!!

Starting to panic about holiday now - only 3 weeks and 2 days now. Need to be on 1200 when I go so that holiday damage is minimal. Haven't done any shopping yet (wanted to be 9 stone before I bought anything new) so hoping these 5lbs melt away quickly :innocent0001:.

So anyway there is still plenty of hope that you'll catch me. I'll be losing slower now moving up the plans and you'll still be dropping them quickly!! There's a challenge for you babes ;)

Fuffa I'm very jealous that you are off plan and still losing. IT's NOT FAIR!!!! Only kidding hunni .... if it's working for you I can't knock that!!!

Hugs to you both
G: 9st3lb
Yeah i was looking at the booklet today about the steps, 810 looks very manageable so its best to do that rather than waste two weeks by falling off like i have! Still...cant be helped now and i am struggling through today!
Was okay this morning but got a splitting headache now and hungry but i know as i said somewhere else that in 4 weeks time ill be sat here chuffed to bits with myself for almost reaching my goal and sticking to it 100%...the heat is on! lol...
Im not clothes shopping apart from on the net till my trip to london on the 21st April...like you i want to be at least 9 stone before i do!
I go away 2 weeks today!! Want to have lost at least 7lbs by then!

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