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Anyone Doing Any Exerise?


Violet is shrinking
I didn't really train for 2 years during my 5 stone weight loss little bits here and there but since nov I've worked in a gym!! It's a massive deal! It completely changes the shape of your body and ups your metabolism !! Big fan!! It's essential xx

(25.08.08-18 stone 5) (27.08.11 - 12 stone 6 83 lost 21lbs to go!!
I'm doing zumba on the wii. Started with 20 mins a day and going to work it up. I'm no expert but I would imagine that exercise is essential to tone up the wobbly bits.


Violet is shrinking
Of course exercise is needed to tone up, shape and add muscle tone.. I meant exercise for weight loss when on tfr.. forgetting about shape, but if it makes much difference to losses :)
I do Flabelos 4 times a week, but I am only on week 4 of that so not really noticed much difference as yet.....going to carry on going as I do enjoy it and hopefully it will help with the losses. I only had 1 week of Flabelos before I started Exante so not long enough off diet to know if it had any impact whilst eating a normal food intake.


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The whole idea of a VLCD is the huge calorie deficit, working out is a bit of a double edged sword (especially if you only rely on the scales).

By working out you are burning more calories, increasing the calorie deficit, and increasing your metabolism which is good.

You'll also increase your cardiovascular levels, again making you feel better still.

Your body will also change shape, as you build and tone muscle. This can be a downside, if you're purely relying on the scales as your inspiration to your end goal/target.

Muscle is more dense than fat, no brainer there, and as a result you will weigh more. So expect some gains, but your body will have changed shape.

I know I harp on about taking measurements and this is the reason why. They are even more important for people who are exercising as they can keep you on the right path :D

Oh and photo's too can also keep you inspired to reach your goals!!
Yup mr m for months I was having people telling me I looked like I had lost weight but the damn scales didn't tell me that lol ! Wish I didn't care what the scales said so much !! X

lost nearly 6 stone ... hoping to make it 7 :)


Wannabe Mankini Model
6 stone wow, I'm sure you'll make it 7 in no time :D

I had a similar experience in the gym, before Exante. I stayed at 16st 6lb for 6 months of going to the gym 3 times a week.

Back then I only relied on the scales and decided to try something different and build more muscle. I ended up not being able to move my arms above chest height for 4 days and then couldn't face the gym after that.

The weight slowly piled back on and I was back to over 18 stone...


Wannabe Mankini Model
Yep, tried the Pyramid method for weight training just using the chest press.

I was in agony for 4 days afterwards. Couldn't wash my hair properly or style it lol :)
I tried a plyometric type of exercise once had to sleep down stairs for a week I was in agony! Anywho to the original post I read a medical journal that said for people who are just at the gym casually ie not body building and particularly women the muscle growth won't be as substantial as to effect scale readings consistently so definatly exercise! I know wen I'm losing weight it doesn't effect me at all and like everyone else has said it keeps u motivated, speeds up ur metabolism, and releases endorphines or happiness lol :)
Good luck!