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Anyone doing 'At Home'?

Hi all. Ive been on loads of different diets, and lost and gained!..theres a couple of girls at work doing rosemary conley and seem to like it. ive decided to do it, but i cant make the classes, due to having a young family, and no babysitters when the classes are on in my area..anyone else doing this? Ive been given a loan of the books, but thinking of buying the pack which is £55. do you think its worth it? or would i be better buying the portion pots, and the inch loss plan book and saving myself some money? or is there more info in the little books you get in the pack? sorry for all the questions...lol.

Thanks, Linda xx
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Yep! Ive just started doing it at home too (in the last day!). I cant make a club either because I have baby - though I have been to a class in the past. I have sorted out all my old books and im using those, and I bought the book from Amazon. To be perfectly honest there is MORE information in the Inch Loss Book you can buy, so if I were you I would buy the portion pots, magic tape measure thing and the book and save some money. Put the extra money towards a fitness DVD - or even a LOVEFILM account where you can hire fitness dvds.

Perhaps we could buddy up as we sound as though we are in the same boat!

Good luck!
Hi there, I would say buy the Inch Loss book from Amazon (cheapest around at the mo), use ur own tape measure, and write the measurements down, and use ur own scales to weigh things, and treat urself to a mag sub for bout £15 a yr, save urself a lot of money
Hi all. thanks for the replies...well, just decided to go and get the at home pack..in a way its kind of scychological. im thinking that if i pay the £55 then ill be more likley to follow it..Im probably living in a fools paradise !! LOL...oh, and firfenwen, ide love to buddy up. I orderd the stuff on friday, so i reckon ill get it prob the end of the week. its my weekend off, this weekend, so ill be starting on Monday.Im looking forward to it. im so depressed with the way i look right now, and no energy to keep up with the kids either! ive a 7 (nearly 8 ) year old girl, and a 3 year old boy. anyway, look forward to hearing about everyones journey , and ill be looking in often till next monday, when ill be starting the 2 week 1200 cal ALCAHOL FREE Phase 1.:eek:.dont know how ill manage 2 weeks with no booze...o well. all in a good cause i expect.:help2:.keep in touch

Linda xx


Full Member
Hi, Mondayclubber, i am doing RC on my own at home, it does work if you stick to it, although i tend to go off the rails quite frequently ( i just love my food!!!)

I also have an 8 yr old and a 3 yr old so know how tricky dieting can be ( especially trying not to eat the left overs!)

Let us know how you get on.

I another at home RC person :)

I had a weigh in yesterday and lost 2lbs, so am happy with that. I haven't done the strict 1200 calorie one as I just know I wouldn't stick to it, so have gone straight into my calorie allowance one. As long as the weight comes off in small amounts and steadily im happy with that! Good luck all :)
well done Lisa. I got all my stuff deliverd today. been havin a wee look at it. looks good. ill be starting on Monday. ill be following the 1200 cal, as i quite like the strictness of it. ive been bad for so long, i need a kick up the bum!!:whoopass:.good luck everyone.

Linda xx
well, just been and got everything to start on monday. very excited, and bit worried on how ill cope with dieting , sorry healthy eating!, after being so lack on my eating habits for so long. im back shift so ill have tme to weigh and do all my measurements. hope everyone is doing well, and being good!

Linda xx
Hi all. I take it were all busy making meals and exercising! lol...hope your all ok. ive been walking every day, and sticking to the plan, so , so far, so good.weigh in on monday. looking forward to it.

look forward to hearing about your week so far .

Linda xx
i dont go to a class but i am trying to keep to food 5% fat per 100g or there abouts .i find that works for me , as long as i stick to it that is :D
Is there anyone doing this anymore? ive been doing well. lost 10lbs so far in 3 weeks. get weighed again tomorrow. been very quite on here. have you all fallen off the wagon? lol..hope you are all doing well, and have just been too busy to post. good luck everyone

Linda xx
I'm still here, and still doing RC @ home, have been on my hols, and managed to loose 1.5lbs, and lost 0.5lbs this week.
But for some reason, my body isnt liking me doing any exercise at the mo, am finding it difficult to stay on track at the moment.
I've only got 1 stone to go, til I get to my target, and wanna get that asap.

Well done on ur weight loss so far

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