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Anyone else doing core plan?

I tried to count points the 1st couple of days but found that I had too much choice...and If I have one biscuit of packet of crisps I want another and then the diet goes out the window. So I decided that I'd try the Core Plan. I started yesterday and got on fine with it in my 1st day. I liked the fact that I didn't have to count points and I was definitely eating much healthier things than the previous 2 days. I'm going to carry on with this and see how it goes.

If anyone else does this, do you have any tips and advice? and can you save all your 21 points for the weekend? I'm thinking if I was good all week I'd have plenty points for treats at the weekend... or does it not work like that? Maybe just wishful thinking.

Anyway, the scales look like they've started to move so I must be doing something right!:D
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I did a day of it yesterday. Leave food on the plate?....lol....I can't do that either. I just didn't give myself huge portions. I'm probably not doing it right but I find it's only unhealthy foods that I tend to overeat with so I think it's better for me to miss them out. I didn't feel hungry at all yesterday. I had....
shredded wheat with a banana
5 ryvita crispbreads with extra low fat philadelphia and cucumber and a cup a soup
Small sirloin steak, 2 smallish baked potatoes and salad.
various fruit throughout the day.
I also had an additional 2 ryvitas in the evening because my daughter and her friend had the chocolate fondue out and I had to eat something just to stop myself dipping into the chocolate!

Anyone in the know think this is ok or am I still having too much?

I admit to having a McDonalds ice cream cone today though...anyone know how many points? I'm guessing about 3.

God, I really hope this works. Hubby wants to start on CD again on Monday. I really want to give ww a chance but I know if I see him with big losses I'll get depressed and start thinking I should be on CD too. I just got into a pattern with CD of losing maybe 10lbs in week one, cheat, then put on 4lbs in week 2...If I couldn't get back on it I'd continue to put on weight and so over say 3 or 4 weeks my weight would be down by maybe a couple of pounds. It always seems good on week one but by the time I get to week 3 or 4 of the pattern I can recognise that I would be better off on ww and lose (hopefully) a steady 2lbs a week. I think it's a better example for my 11yr old daughter too. Today she said to me.'Mum, you look thinner now you're on ww. You looked ill on CD' Now, I'm only on day 3 of ww so I'm definitely not thinner yet but she's obviously preferring me to be on ww for some reason. She also commented on the fact that it was good that I was eating loads of fruit...obviously on CD I never had any fruit. I think she's my little guardian angel!

I just can't wait till my first weigh in to see if this thing is working!


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Hi, Tiaramaker - your way of eating sounds so much like me. I eat sensible dinners but treat myself with complete rubbish and then go off plan altogther. I'm supposed to be on a kick start week doing points and I've only stuck to my points one day this week. I'm looking at GAINING for my first weigh in tomorrow, so I was thinking of giving the core plan a go.

As for your 21 points weekly allowance, you can use it day to day for things you can't do without - cheese, bread etc, snacks in between meals (those crisp breads you had last night should be counted as points from your weekly allowance by the way). You can also save them for the difficult times like weekends and nights out - have you ever read the WW magazines, they sometimes have articles on how people on the core plan manage to eat out on core plan. It's brilliant. Of course, you also know that you can convert up to 12 activity points to use as bonus points for the weekend? - 33 extra points per week, sounds brilliant eh!

You sound so postitive about it so far and you're right, you're giving your daughter a much healthier example sticking to 3 meals a day and snacking on fruit than to resort to CD. I know your OH is starting on CD on monday but you do know that men lose weight faster than women do anyway don't you - you'll never keep up to his losses so you should decided that you'll aim for a HEALTHY and achieveable 1-2lbs loss per week.

keep it up - it sounds to me like you're doing well so far, don't second guess yourself and trip yourself up.
Hey Tiara,
Just agreeing really! I'm sure it is a much better example for your little girl to see you eating healthy foods and actually eating at all...CD is so restrictive and actually a bit of a false diet- you lose weigh, of course and why wouldn't you because all you're doing is drinking watery-shakes! But for me at least CD is not something that is maintainable...at least with ww you will lose, you will be healthier and you can keep it off forever if you choose! One of my best friends Kaz lost about five stone on ww when we were in Uni and she has kept it all off consistently since, that's...hate to admit it...but like 10 years almost!!! (cringe old!) I plan to do the same thing with these two stone...let your OH do the CD, different strokes for different folks and all that!
Core sounds fabulous, loads of people seem to be losing loads on it!!! I researched it all before I started and was tempted but I know I need the limitation of points otherwise I would lose all control! :)
But I would be persuaded if you lost a pile of weight!!! ;) So let us know how you get on with it x
DellyBelly, Thanks for that. I'm sure you won't gain. You'll have been better than you think. It's so difficult isn't it?

I think if you were eating out on Core plan, steak salad and baked potato is easy....also maybe chinese. The rice would be no count and maybe just save up points for the actual meal. I've nothing planned for the next few weeks so I just need to concentrate on trying to stick to it at home for now. I'm lucky because I work from home so lunch times will be easier than if I had to take a packed lunch.

I've ended up not managing very well today...maybe the icecream earlier started it off but I've had loads that I shouldn't have had. I think it's actually because I've just come off CD. I always get like that when I stop CD. I just want to eat eat eat...I suppose my body thinks it might get starved again. I'm not knocking CD... It is great for quick weight loss but so hard to keep the weight off. For that reason I knew this 1st week was going to be difficult and that I might not even get a weight loss.

Siobhan, I'm really hoping that this will be more maintainable. I already lost a bit of weight last year with CD and put it all back on. I'm hoping if I can do it with ww I'll find it easier to keep it off.

I think I like the idea of core plan because it IS restrictive...in that the types of food that I'm allowed. I think everyone is different though. It depends on how your mind works I think!

Well I shall be the guinnea pig for the plan Siobhan and if i lose loads you can try....lol Mind you, I have loads more than you to lose!

Well, I really really hope I have a better day dietwise tomorrow. I've got till Thursday WI to lose some weight!!


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it definitly is difficult and I really have been as bad as I think - because I wrote it all down in my food diary!

You're right about the differences between the 2 plans and that's the beauty of WW. Some people just couldn't bear to be told what to eat or drink and like to have the freedom of points and learn portion control, whilst other people, need to be a bit restricted and that's what core is for.

I think i'll be doing the core plan until I feel I can trust myself with points again. You're right about eating out. Last night I had meatballs in tomato sauce to start, steak and salad for mains and a disgraceful dessert - meringue with crushed maltesers, ice cream and hot toffee sauce...:break_diet:. All in all, it wouldn't have been a bad core plan night out at all,

pity about all the booze I had afterwards though!:party0027:

Now, as for having a bad day today, the best thing you can do is forget about it and start afresh again tomorrow.... (easier said than done, but never mind).

Good luck for the rest of the week. My WI is at 9.30 am because of the bank holiday. I'll have to face the music!
Oh I dunno Tiara, it's all relative isn't it!? :) I feel like my two stone- one stone of which I have been carrying and fighting and struggling with for years and the other which is a much more recent addition- may as well be 50 stone! I cannot stand to look at myself and none of my clothes fit me! So I feel like it could be any number of pounds I had to lose...if you know what I mean? A little vague of me!
Anyway basically what I'm saying is we all have our own amount to lose and it is all equally hard for each of us isn't it, because we all have our reasons for being overweight and our reasons for why we eat to excess or the wrong things or don't exercise...or sit on the couch and watch daytime tv all day until it's time to make dinner! ;) (guilty!)
But that is why ww is so good, points or core as long as the scales are going in the right direction! :) I'm just going to give this points thing a pretty fair shot of working before I change but change I will if core sounds better and has better results!!!! :Dx
You're so lucky you have time to atone for your sins before wi! Mine's on Tuesday!!! Argh! :eek: