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Anyone else doing the Exante "Simple Solutions" Diet? (1,200 calories)

I just joined today, but am now a bit disappointed that I cannot find anyone who is doing the Exante Simple Solutions diet. It is 1,200 calories a day and is meant for people with a BMI of under 25. My BMI is 22.6 and I also suffer from M.E. so following the advice, I am not permitted to do the very low calorie version of this diet.

I joined to try and find other people doing the same diet, but as yet have been unable to, as everyone seems to be doing the Total Solutions 600 calorie one. I was kind of hoping for some "Diet Buddies" who are on the same diet as me!
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Did you mean to post this in the Maintenance forum???

It would probably be better in Exante
Hi Starlight - No, I put it on the Maintenance Forum because there doesn't appear to be anywhere else to put it. That's what I was meaning in my first post: When you look at the other low calorie diets, they all have a seperate section for the higher calorie versions.

-Cambridge Diet 1000 maintenance
-Lighter Life Maintenance
-Lipotrim Maintenance

but there is no such topic in the Exante forum.

As the Exante Simple Solutions is 1,200 calories, I thought I had better post under the maintenance topic, although it would be much easier for people to find if it was under Exante

-Exante "Total Solutions"
-Exanter "Working Soutions"
-Exante "Simple Solutions"
Its the one i was going to do before the weather got too cold lol... i had being cold
though i'm planning on using it in march to break my 3 month stall
Hi :wavey:
Yes, I know what you mean about the cold. I suffer from the cold very badly. It is not a great time for me to be starting a diet, for many reasons, the cold being one of them, but I got the idea in my head about 2 weeks ago, and thought I had better go for it, while I still had that thought! ha ha! :rolleyes:

I am still not sure of the rules of the 600 calories that you are allowed besides the 3 shakes, hence me coming on here to try and learn more. I am however, going to allow for 1/2 pt semi-skimmed milk a day so that I can still enjoy my cups of tea (partly to keep me warm! :rolleyes:).

If you fancied starting the Simple Solutions, we could encourage one another, and moan about how cold we are!! ha ha. xx
Its the one i was going to do before the weather got too cold lol... i had being cold
though i'm planning on using it in march to break my 3 month stall
Good Grief!!!! :eek:
I have just looked at your diet progress photographs...they are AMAZING!!!! You are literally half the person you were!!! That's incredible! Well done!! :party0011::party0011:
Its not really maintenance though is it you still lose weight on it?? If youre still dieting youre not at maintenance yet :) Maintenance is for once youve finished :)

As I said in my other post you should post in the main Exante forum, thats the default forum for general Exante stuff, for Working or Simple Solutions.

Ive asked Pierce to put prefixes into the main forum to highlight what plan people are on.
Ok...sorry. Am new to all this.

When I look at all the other low calorie diets it's easy to see the separate sub-forums, but for Exante there are only three sub forums:

-Exante Diaries
-Exante Total Solutions
-Exante Recipes

Do you think it would be possible for someone to add "Exante Simple Solutions" to these sub-forums, for people like myself? It would make it much easier and quicker to find the right diet.

You mentioned in your other post that the reason the Simple Solutions wasn't in the same sub-forum as the Total Solutions, was that folks that were on VLCD's didn't want to hear about food. Well, it's the same with me, when I read about the amazingly quick weight-loss of people doing the Total Solutions, I get jealous!! ha ha! I would much rather do your diet and get it over with quickly, but I am not allowed to due to my illness and my BMI. :wavey:
To be honest at the moment I cant see the subforum being added. There are very few people even doing Working Solutions just now and I think youre the only one doing Simple Solutions. New sub forums are usually only added when theres a real demand for them.

Pierce will put prefixes in the main forum which will highlight what plan youre on, all you do is select the appropriate one when you start a thread.

You could start a diary, but maintenance definitely isnt the place to post. Maybe if you become active in the Exante section it will encourage more people to register or try simple solutions :)
lol!! thanks Jan.
I'm going to use you as a guinne (sp?) pig so to speak lol... no i am thinking about doing it, i have the packs at home, but at the moment i've started a training plan which involves me running 6 days a week, some of them intense, like tomorrow for example is a 1h45m run.
From march i tapper down my mileage so it's a better time for me to start... you starting from tomorrow? they've got some recipes on their site which look good, i guess as long as you include protein with your 600kcal meal you'll be on the right track x
Oh wow! I am so jealous of you being able to run like that! That must be wonderful!

Well...I ordered the Exante packs on Friday night, so I am hopeful they will arrive tomorrow. Am not really in the right frame of mind, but am gonna' try anyway :rolleyes:. Oh no...don't think I will make a very good guinea pig! :bolt:ha ha.
Pierce will put prefixes in the main forum which will highlight what plan youre on, all you do is select the appropriate one when you start a thread.
Ok. Thankyou. Wonder why I am on my own though? Surely there must be others who have a BMI less than 25 and/or have an illness? :wavey:
What makes you think you're not in the right frame of mind? I'm sure you'll make a great guinea pig :)... just make sure you drink lots of water. I think the packs taste nice, drink them slowly... oh and stock up on high protein foods, as well as vege's, snacks etc and you're good to go x
RE:Not being in the right frame of mind....an extremely long and complicated story!! :rolleyes: Thanks for the tips though. I am not supposed to be on this topic. Don't know exactly where I will go now...but somewhere on the Exante forum :confused: Thanks for your welcome anyway xx :wavey: