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Anyone else dong CD wanting to get pregnant?


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Hi, yesterday I found out that I wasn't the only one doing CD, and wanting to get pregnant. A couple of us wrote on Broxi's thread on what our number 1 reason was for doing CD.

I felt straight away that I wanted to keep talking to you, who have the same goal as me. And probably there are more of us out there?

We can talk on this thread if we want. And I also set up an private group for us if we want to talk more private :D. I will have to add your name, so please let me know if you are interested in that too! Once I have added you to the group, I think the invitation will show up on the User CP page.

Have a fab day everyone!
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Hi Asa, my main reason for going on CD was because it would be easier for me to fall pregnant - but I don't even have a partner lol Would I still be able to be a part of your group? xx


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ooh add me too - me and hubby are hoping to have babba no.1 when i've lost my weight, and can carry a baby safely :)

Great idea ASA!!! Just what I need!
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Me too - possibly - probably. lol.


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Hi Asa - can you add me please! Thanks W


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Hi, was away for a few hours, but now you are all in the group. It should show up on your User CP page.
Can you add me too please


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Dude*Bear, I couldn't add you, I am thinking it might be that you need to add more posts? I know 50 posts is needed for some other features on the forum, maybe it is 50 posts on this too? So, keep posting, and write here again when you reached it. I know there are word games and such threads in the main forum that you can use to post many times (if you don't find any other threads you want to post on that is :)).

I could add you Rhiana.
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I'm still quite new to this site and someone has said there is a group who are doing CD to lose weight as wanting to get pregnant
I couldn't believe it and am typing this straight away.
I'm currently on day 9 of CD on SS+ and starting it as I need to lose 6 stone. I undergoing fertility tests with local hospital and my consultant has said the care centre for IVF won't accept anyone who's BMI is over 30. So I've got to make this happen and hopefully in the process will feel better about myself again.
Is anyone else in the same or similar situation. i'd love to hear from you.


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please can i be added too as i am praying to try for a baby once i have lost weight
Hi, can i be added too? Not sure if i have written enough posts either though??
I am desperate for another baby, and to all you who are doing this for baby number 1 you are def doing the right thing. I was about 16.5 stone (size 22) when I had my little boy - now 3 and half. I had to see a consultant - which is the norm when overweight and to cut a long story short, had diabetes while pregnant and had to have a c section at 38 weeks as the baby was getting big - he was nearly 10lbs. He was monitored for 24hrs incase he too had diabetes. Luckily he didnt - that would have been my fault completely. I was very ashamed and in the last 3 years due to my weight - 17.13 - have had blood clots which nearly cost me my life and had to have my gallbladder out.
I know this isn't the norm but it is all due to my weight and could happen to anyone!
I never wanted a big gap between my children but now there'll be at least 4.5 years. I did get to 14.2 at xmas through cambridge but lapsed big time. I started again on thursday and know I have to do it. I am also 35 this year and the statistics of downs etc increases big time then.
Good luck to us all and so glad i found this thread xx


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Hi, of course we'll invite you!

PollyPerkins, I couldn't invite you yet, think there is a restriction that you have to had post at least 50 posts before being able to be invited to a private group. So post some more, then post here again, and I'll invite you!

Stoshy and Karen, I was able invite you. You will find the group invitation on your user CP page.


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HI guys i would like to join my main reason for doing CD is so that i have a lower BMI so i can have a homebirth and a complication free pregnancy. I'm also a student midwife qualifying in september. I will try and get my posts up so that you can add me :)


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can i join too - need to lose 10st and gain some little people