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Anyone else feel like they're having a panic attack as the approach the scales?

You are not alone hun, I can get really anxious about the whole thing, the group, the queue and esp. the weigh in. Some weeks are better but most weeks I'm terrified, I also get scared of what other people will think of my weigh in.
I don't - i can't change it by that point so try not to worry about it - but one girl in my group looks white with fear when she gets near the scales, so i don't think you are alone hun.
I get really nervous! This is the second time i've been going to class for SW and I'm a nightmare. Always there dead early, just wanting to get it over and done with! Your right tho, by that time there isn't anything I can do to change it!!xx
All I feel for you guys, I don't really get too worried (weigh myself before I go) maybe that could take some of the anxiousness off? x
i weigh myself wi morning so Im not to bad. like this Week Im expecting a gain so nothing i can do.

maybe try going earlier ot abit later my meeting start at half five so if i turn up bout 5.45 there is normally not a que then
You could talk to your consultant and ask if you can get weighed in private before or after class? I am sure if your consultant knew of your panic attacks they would be more than happy to help you feel comfortable in their group

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