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Anyone else get a sore mouth from eating pineapple?

funny you should say that ,last week i had the same problem which i have never had before i thought it was because the pineapple i had was not quite ripe ??

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Maybe that's it, I can never get it right, it either goes bad before I eat it or hurts my mouth...
I once ate a whole pineapple after being fruit starved for weeks. My mouth was red raw afterwards. I think if it's not quite ripe it can be "sharp" so to speak.
Strange...my daughter also said the same thing last night...I suppose they are quite acidic, maybe its something to with that! Hubby (retired biology teacher) says there is something in pineapple which can be used to tenderise meat, which is a protein, and as we are made up of protein maybe it acts on us too (or our mouths)?
I did that a few years ago too. I was overdue on my daughter and it was suggested to me that fresh pineapple can help get things moving. I didn't really eat a load but by the end my mouth was stinging and it even made my lips bleed. Unfortunately, it didn't get my daughter moving either so I can't even say it was worth it :D
yup, there's something in pineapple that disolves protein ( so good as a super speed food if you eat a lot of meat and eggs )..
the people that pick and peel them end up with no fingerprints because it disolves them.. :)
Wow, Coljack, sounds awful doesn't it! Must be very concentrated then.
Some people are more senstive to pineappple than others it seems. I had always had the tingly lips and sore throat after eating pineapple but last year I ate it regularly for a couple of weeks and ended up having very very raised pulse rate for 24 hours which seems to have been down to a more intense allergic reaction to the pineapple. Quite scary. And annoying as pineapple is by far my favourite fruit but I have to avoid it now.
So its worth people who are having that reaction being careful how much and how regularly they have it.

Ela ine

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I got this with pineapple this morning!

Thanks Coljack - good to know as I'm doing red days!!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Blooming 'eck nasty little b*ggers aren't they, maybe I shouldn't eat so much in next sitting, now I know why my 2 year old had a sore mouth...
Thanks for that ColJack - I knew there was an enzyme or something to blame ... :confused::D

My daughter has always loved fruit and when she was 3 or so wolfed loads of fresh pineapple - it gave her such nasty mouth ulcers and she was in so much pain she still can't bring herself to eat it 11 years later despite still liking the taste.

I had some last week - one of those fresh prepacks from Sainsbury - as a snack and started to "tingle" after a while so had to pace myself.
Depends on how much I eat of it. I always thought it was because of the acidity of it.


Now to maintain.....
i love pineapple....erm ok i have an irrational addiction and must always have it in!! regularly eat in excess of a whole one a day and very often get 'the pineapple burn'.
Yeah it's something to do with the enzyme in it. It's never happened to me personally, but I remember years and years ago when I was a kid, my mum choked on a bacon sarnie and was adamant that a bit of bacon was blocking her throat, and she went to A&E and they gave her a glass of pineapple juice to drink to get rid of it!! How random!
another random pineapple fact if you are trying to start labour off you need to eat 7 in one sitting and the enzyme will set it off lol

yep i get tingly mouth when i eat it but it is fab :)

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