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Anyone else get annoyed with their wii?

I've been trying to be good and go on my wii everyday but I am just so annoyed with it. I do the bodytest and if I've put a bit of weight on (we all know weight fluctuates hourly or daily) it wants to know why, I usually put any old reason but then it starts giving me a lecture on 'eating too much' or whatever else I've put. Argggh!!!

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I hate my wii screaming at me saying I'm obese, even after losing 2 stone! Meh! Hardly ever go on it now.

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This post made me giggle ! I feel exactly the same hehe ! As you said your weight fluctuates between 2 pound a day ! So I end up just putting any old reason and it gives me a lecture ! Im really forcing myself to only weigh myself once a week ! I didnt realise getting on the scales could be so addictive !
Snap....I only use the scales at my doctors...... Same set ... Same floor... And up until now always going down lol.... Back on lipotrim today... Wish me luck x
i read somewhere that the weighing part of the wii not that accurate
its funny tho when it says ive lost i believe it when it shows a gain its crap anyway and dosent work rite lol
i once went on at nite then stepped on it in the morning and it said id gained 10 pounds
now i know i can eat but omg
lesley x
I wouldnt rely on my wii to give me an accurate reading for my weight, as I use it on carpet!
Never take what the Wii says to heart, it calls my Dad, an avid half marathon runner, fat! I don't think I've ever seen anyone get on that thing and not be insulted.

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