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Anyone else get tired/fatigued really quickly?

Hi there,

I am three weeks into Dukan and find myself getting really tired really quickly.

I'm find if I'm just sitting at my desk all day - but any moving around tends to make me flag really quickly?

Also notice serious burn in my muscles really quickly when doing any exercises - I have bad back so most of what I do is very light already!.. I think this is due to lack of carbs/sugar in my diet now - so try to have either my galette or at least some protein before a workout to ensure my body has something to work with.

I'm not taking any extra vitamin/mineral tablets and wondered if this might help?

Any advice on this greatly received.
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I was tired if I didn't eat enough, so try and get some more protein into you. You need between 1-1.5gr protein for each kilo you weigh for this diet to work.

Also, vitamin tablet daily is a good idea and recommended by Dr D, try and get extra vitamin C in too to boost your immune system against the cold weather (and autumn colds). Goji berries are tolerated, 2 tbs per day (I think) but are full of vit C, so they'll be featuring in my diet again soon.

Having your oatbran before exercise is a good idea - I always have mine in the morning - sets me up for the day.:)
You need between 1-1.5gr protein for each kilo you weigh for this diet to work.
I'm 62 kilos so that would be btwn 62 and 93 grams of protein per day - but how can i be sure i'm doing this? Is it by looking at (for example) the nutritional information of a product and seeing how many grams of protein per 100g ??

is that how it's done?
Basically, eat until you are full-ish should be enough.

Myfitnesspal is a good site to give you an idea of how much you are having though. Just log in your food for one day and that will tell you how many grams of protein, carbs, etc you have consumed.
Yeah I use thedailyplate which is part of the Livestrong website to log my food daily and it breaks down calories, carbs, fat, sugar, protein x
I started to have gogi berries about a week ago - started with around 10g a day now have 10g PP days and 20g PV days.
My protein levels are very I think - usually around 100g a day - yesterday 180g! - I use fitnesspal everyday to log everything.
Will try a an energy boosting multi vit see how things go.
Also Teddy, you can get muscle weakness when glycogen stores in your leg muscles for example start to deplete because of lack of carbs. It's not a dangerous thing and as far as I know these things level out in time... I stand to be corrected but as far as I know that's the case. Best of luck!


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As far as I remember, the first month I was feeling exhausted all of a sudden, lasted for 10 minutes maybe.. I felt like even moving my arm was going to kill me..
Then it went away, but I don't exercise apart from the walking..
Taking vitamins always made me super hungry, I never get full no matter how much I eat.. I take them on and off now, maybe once or twice a week..
I'm all over the place, I was never a morning person pre dukan but now I get up with my first alarm (I have 6 set, that's how bad I am) but come 5 o'clock I'm so tired and have no energy!!!

I am a hairdresser and I am struggling holding the hairdryer up sometimes because I feel 'the burn' so bad!!!

But that aside I've lost 13lb in 15days so I can cope with the above for results like that!!! Especially if they fade in time :)
Well done Becki, that's a great loss!!!
I take a vitamin supplement each day and will continue to do so while I'm cruising.

My colleague was feeling quite fatigued lately and started taking vitamin B complex.

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