Anyone else gone from big losses to slow ones for no reason?

Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by Kath, 15 March 2007 Social URL.

  1. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    :help2: I'm feeling quite fed up that this week I only lost 2lb, last week I only lost 2.5lb. Now usually I'm a fast loser, I lose 4 or 5 lb a week so you can imagine how gutted I am that it's slowing down so much.:badmood:

    I know it's a ridiculous thing to say but i can lose that on Weight Watchers, whilst eating and drinking! Argh, I'm finding it very very frustrating. I'm not switching to Weight Watchers but just hoping someone else out there can tell me the same as happened to them for a couple of weeks and then it's gone back up to bigger losses again :boohoo:

    I've stuck to it and not had anything that would cause the weight to slow down so I'm feeling very sorry for myself! Especially as my friend ate a big chocolate muffin and also lost 2lb :cry:
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  3. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Can't really answer your question but OMG look at your ticker.... :wow: :wow: :wow: ur a bloody superwoman...

    well done girl!!!

  4. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    Thank you :)

    It's very very hard right now! I've been doing this diet for almost 6 months and am just about ready to pull out the remaining hair that hasn't already fell out!! Argh!
  5. Gen

    Gen Normal

    That is just fantastic to have stuck to this diet for 6 months... well done...

    when is your next weigh in???
  6. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    Next Wednesday, another whole 6 gruelling days to wait!
  7. Gen

    Gen Normal

    but ya know what i bet you will have a brill loss then... if you are still feeling like this after next weeks weigh in maybe you should think about stepping into maintenance or something like that cos it would be such a shame to just start eating crap again and ruin your good work... believe me if you start when you are not ready it is pure torture!!!!

    surely in the last 6 months you have had days like this??? what did you do on them days to cheer urself up???

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  8. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    Thanks Gen :)

    I have been just talking to my husband about this, I did not want to move into management until I was a healthy BMI but if I go on losing 2lb a week that will be the end of June! I really can't go on putting my life on hold until then. Also, I really wanted to switch to Cambridge as I wanted to become a CDC but what's stopping me doing that is that I really want to do the 12 weeks LL Management.

    I'm not massive now, I'm a size 16 and I'm quite tall so carry it fairly well. A lot better than I carried a size 28 anyway.

    I think this is probably the worst I have felt about the diet since I started and I am determined not to undo all my hard work which is maybe why management would be the right thing for me now....then maybe I could lose the last couple of stone on Cambridge Diet and get to know their program.

    We are going to live in Australia at the end of the year and I know Cambridge Diet is available over there so I was hoping I could be a CDC over there...

    So far I've put 7 people on to Cambridge, rather than LL as I don't think LL is for everyone - my husband pointed out that is 7 people who could have come to me for help if I was a CDC...

    I'm rambling sorry!
  9. Gen

    Gen Normal

    :jelous: :jelous: :jelous: :jelous: :jelous: :jelous: i'm sooooooooooo jealous... going to live in australia???? where abouts??? you lucky thing.....

    i think maybe at this stage you should defo look at doing the LL management... at a size 16 and being tall i'm sure you could start to give yourself a break and learn how to introduce foods back properly... and by all accounts you could still be losing while on management....

    the alternative is to switch to CD now and continue on your journey that way??? maybe a higher program of CD and get to your goal that way??? and then you could look into becoming a CDC???

    if ss'ing on LL is getting you down so much and you have done so well then you should defo have a look at other options??? i would try to stick it out until next weeks weigh in tho.... cos ya never know!!!!

  10. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    We're not sure where we're going yet, we were heading to Perth but the house prices have scared us now they've risen so much. We've decided to just get a flight over to the East Coast and then have a look around for a month to see if anywhere takes our fancy :)

    I'm reluctant to come out of LL yet as I do really like my counsellor and I'm sure she'll be a great help to me in Management. Hopefully I'll be able to use some of those skills myself then if I do CD - hm I don't know!

    Roll on Wednesday!
  11. mags1x

    mags1x mags

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    Bit of this bit of that
    How about giving yourself a timed deadline? This diet IS quirky and at the end of the day I don't think actually you WOULD manage to continue losing 2 pounds a week on weight watchers..... but thats just my opinion.

    Anyway, my suggestion is to give yourself anothe month with LL and see where you are then, it will allow you to see if the losses go up again as its totally unrealistic to base your decision on only 2 weeks losses. Also you may manage to lose a bit on weight watchers, but no way would you have lost the amount you have (totally amazing by the way) in the time you have.

    I'm sure you will be a great cdc when the time is right for you to do it!

  12. SHAZA

    SHAZA Silver Member

    Cambridge diet
    I agree with Mags your weight lose is absolutly amazing and there is no way in this world that you would have lost all that with weight watchers, you would have given up a long time ago as you loss would have been alot lot slower

    Well done you from going from a 28 to a 16. Thats what size I started at. I felt like you on my 4th week when I only lost 2lb but you know what ~ I am just looking at the big picture
    It will take me a year at 4lb a week to loose all my weight but if it takes 2 years at 2lb a week then so be it

    I know what you mean about your life on hold as the whole of my life seem to revolve around food (probably why i ended up at over 23 stone !!)
    Why dont you go on 750 my CDC lost lots of weight on that

    Good luck in Aussi (dont let the sharks bite !!!!!)
  13. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    Thanks for the replies :)

    I am under no illusions that I would've lost this 7 stone so fast on Weight watchers, I would have definitely given up a long time ago with that seeing as I've done it about 20 times already :D

    I have said many times, there's nothing faster than this diet. That's why I recommend it to so many, when you have a lot of weight to lose it's just too hard to stick to a plan that's producing a slow loss, it makes you lose your focus.

    I think it's been so hard as this is probably the first major major wobble I've had on this diet.

    Also so many people I know are on Cambridge now that I'm jealous of all their flavours :D

    Ah well I'll keep on plodding on for another week
  14. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    Slim and Save
    Well done on your fantastic weight loss. Re the 2lb losses for the last 2weeks ... has your water intake dropped??? Could it be water retention?? Have you been doing any exercise that could have increased your muscle???

    Keep at it - up your water intake and I'm sure nex tweek you'll be SHOUTING a wonderful loss!
  15. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    No water intake has been the same, excercise no different. No idea what's going on :confused:

    I can 'feel' I'm not losing it if that makes sense, usually towards the end of the week I can feel thinner but I haven't this last couple of weeks.

    Ah well fingers crossed for next Wednesday!
  16. georgiasmum

    georgiasmum Regular Member

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    I thinks that as you get closer to goal your weight loss will slow down. Just be thankful its still coming off! 2lbs off is better than 2lbs on!
  17. joh117

    joh117 Full Member

    I loose 2lbs for 2 weeks then 3 to 4lbs for a week then I loose 7lbs in the 4th week. This cycle has happened nearly 3 times now. I have got my head around this but it really got me down at first

    Good luck on your move to Oz. We were there for 3 years and I am dual citizen now. We lived in Melbourne. We moved back as I had a little girl and wanted my life back (we had no family there and therefore no babysitters which made it very hard). My hubby would go back tomorrow.

    House prices on the East coast have soared and am lead to believe higher than Perth. When we left the prices had stabalised on the Mornington Peninsula where we lived.

    Good luck in your new life there wish I had known about CD when I was there I would have jumped at it.

    And keep the faith LL has worked for you this long and your loss is fantastic it will kick back in for you I am sure

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  19. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    Thanks for that Joh, will be interesting to see what Wednesday's weigh in shows as I do 'feel' like I've lost this week.

    In the Australia magazine that I get it says that Perth houses are now higher than Sydney it's rocketed so much. :eek:

    You were lucky to get citizenship when you did, they've now upped the requirement to 4 years residency before you get citizenship.

    At least you can go back if ever you decide to, without all the visa faff again!

    Kath x
  20. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    I was right, I had lost - 6lbs - PANIC OVER :D
  21. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Nice one Kath :clap:
  22. Pixie

    Pixie Silver Member

    Yeah I lost 1.5lbs last week :(
    Weigh in tmo so we'll see....
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